When you think of mid-range phones — that is to say, phones that are too expensive to be called affordable, but not quite as pricey as flagships — chances are your mind immediately gravitates towards either Motorola or Honor. Both brands have long established themselves within the territory, consistently providing phones with excellent performance and build quality at a reasonable cost.

The two phones in question are no exceptions. The Moto X4 combines beautiful hardware with convenient gestures, while the Honor View 10 banks on its powerful AI capabilities. So which one should you buy?

What the Moto X4 does better

It's hard to beat the aesthetic quality of the Moto X4. This phone features a glass and aluminum build befitting of much more expensive devices, with a striking high-gloss coating and hand-hugging curves along the back. Yes, this design is predictably slippery and fragile, but it's far more eye-catching than the View 10, and the premium materials make it feel more substantial.

The Moto X4 combines beautiful hardware with clean software and wide carrier compatibility.

But the Moto X4 isn't just a pretty face. It features plenty of useful hardware amenities, including USB-C, fast-charging, a headphone jack, and IP68 water resistance. It's also compatible with CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint — something the View 10 can't match.

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Where the Moto X4 really gets the edge over the View 10 is its software. The standard model features a near-stock build of Android, with just a few of Motorola's custom tweaks added in, like the endlessly convenient double-twist motion to quickly launch the camera.

There's also the Android One version, which offers a totally stock experience and the promise of fast updates — most recently, it received Android 8.0 Oreo an entire month before the standard model. As an added bonus, the Moto X4 is one of the few phones compatible with Google Fi.

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What the Honor View 10 does better

While the View 10 may not be as pretty as the Moto X4, it's more durable thanks to an aluminum unibody design, and far better balanced; the Moto X4's massive camera module makes it noticeably top-heavy in the hand. Despite a slimmer profile, it also houses a much larger battery than the Moto X4 — 3750mAh versus 3000mAh, respectively.

What the Honor View 10 lacks in style, it makes up for with ... pretty much everything else.

Inside, the View 10 boasts Huawei's Kirin 970 chipset, complete with the same Neural Processing Unit found on the Mate 10 Pro. It's vastly more powerful than the Snapdragon 630 processor found in the Moto X4, and promises to keep the View 10 running smoothly for quite a while.

You also won't find the View 10's modern 18:9 aspect ratio display on the other side, which allows for a larger screen without a physically larger device. And forget about microSD expandability on the Moto X4; that luxury is exclusive to the View 10, along with dual SIM support.

Both phones have fairly impressive cameras, but the Honor View 10 easily outmuscles the Moto X4 with its faster glass, smarter dual-camera module, and AI enhancements. Honor's camera app is also much more flexible than Motorola's, allowing for more precision in shots.

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Which one's right for you?

The Honor View 10 has the Moto X4 completely beat on paper; its specs are more powerful, its cameras take better photos, and its battery lasts longer. But as always, your taste for EMUI will play a large role in how well you get along with the View 10. Particularly when faced with a phone like the Moto X4, close to (if not entirely) stock Android software can easily be the deciding factor.

The View 10 is the better phone, but not necessarily by enough to justify the significantly higher price.

If you lean towards software agnostic, or you simply value the other factors of the phones more, the Honor View 10 is a great option — but at $499, it's considerably more expensive than the Moto X4, and it's hard to say whether the better specs are worth the extra money.

In most places, you can pick up a Moto X4 for around $400, but you can knock an additional $150 off by buying it with a new Google Fi activation. Of course, not everyone will want to switch carriers just for a phone, but if you can get it for $250, the Moto X4 is an absolute no-brainer.

Are you planning on getting the Moto X4? Or does the Honor View 10 have your attention? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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