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More (yes, more) about the Droid 2

We know, the Motorola Droid 2 specs have been leaked in nearly every way, shape or form at this point, but it just doesn't seem to end. A flyer from Verizon has been leaked, confirming most of what we had already known, but either way confirmed information is always welcome. From the flyer we can see that the Droid 2 will ship with Android 2.2 out of the box, so no waiting on the Froyo OTA like the Droid has to. The device will have 8GB of on-board memory along with an 8GB microSD card, will feature the Droid X-like skin, unified inbox, Swype and many more great features we have come to love. One very interesting stat that they claim is 40 percent boost in webpage loading times, but there is no data showing what the competitor in this was. All this information is great and all, Verizon, but can we just have the device now? [via Engadget]

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  • exciting... can't wait for this phone!
  • The competitor was the Original Droid.
  • The original Droid, but was it running 2.1 or 2.2?
  • Who cares, Evo rules!!!
  • EVO?? lol never!! DROID X FTW!! DROID X for PRESIDENT!!!
  • i just think this is verizons way of announcing the phone...just one day it will be in the stores and people will be like yep those leaks wernt leeks they were just tid bits of announcements over months
  • Torch releases on the same day and already has a complete hands on write up and all we are getting are these tiny morsels.
  • What the difrence if it has on board memory?? Confused? And this is for debsawye
    Realy evo? Ok then.
    Why then would you choose to read this article if "who cares" is oviously you? I'm guessing your not satisfied with your phone, and you are tryinng to find something that's not up to your stanards, that's going to lead you to belive you have the "Best" phone(in your eyes) the reason u probly got an evo cause u like having the hottest shit out but now that you are outdated and froyoless you need to dis on D2 to make you feel beter for being played out so quickly :)
    So what u got the 4g's wifis (verison is faster and did you know sprint rents towers from verizon) camaras fast proccesor but all phones will be outdated by next summer :( I have. D1 and it running on a 2.2 and that's all I care about :p so don't be posting retarded coments about your shitty evo with a kick stand (that's the only thing I found out to be truly revolutionary lol and it be funny if you dint owned an evo and befor you talk shit bout droid being slow its prety fast phone on qudrant(1650) rooted duh imagine the D2 )