Mophie Juicepack for Pixel XL: A beast of battery burden

Google's Pixel XL is a lot of things. It's the phone to have if you're into tinkering. It gets updates before any other phone. It's got a camera that's considered one of the best available today.

But battery life? That's not always been its strongest asset, even considering its 3,450mAh capacity.

For years, the Mophie Juicepack has been the go-to battery case. Mostly for the iPhone, but more recently for Samsung's Galaxy S line. And now, it's available for the Pixel XL.

What you need to know: This case will make the phone thicker. Longer. Heavier. It'll make the fingerprint sensor harder to get to.

And it'll increase battery capacity by more than 75%.

Notice I don't say "battery life." Actual usage time is one of those things that very much will vary from person to person, even with the extra 2,950mAh. But with that sort of increase, you know that you'll be running much longer than you would have otherwise. (And reminder that you gain wireless charging with this thing.)

The soft-touch coating on the case is exactly what we've come to expect over the years — just about perfect, if still prone to the oil from your fingers. The seam where the top half of the case meets the bottom is well out of the way and nicely matched in any event. And the case itself should do its usual protection job.

Oh, this doesn't feel like a Pixel XL anymore. There's nothing svelte about this phone when it's wearing a Juicepack. I'm now showing 9.75 ounces on the scale (up from the naked phone's 5.83 ounces). The flat back is demolished by what I want to describe as something more whale-like.

We've all seen these cases before. They're beasts.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Possibly too late to market for the price unless Pixel XL 2 is same size.
  • Not everyone upgrades yearly. And the pixel XL still hot device
  • And I just bought the Mophie (just now) for my Pixel XL......guess Ill be the only
  • Still can't find it on Verizon
  • All my nearby stores have it in stock
  • Samsung till recently I beg to differ the Samsung have needed battery packs since they got rid of removable battery 😂 as Pixel XL it manages to get me through a 10 hour shift at work with a least 30ish percent remaining
  • I believe he meant that Mophie just recently started making the cases for Samsung not that you need extra battery power on Samsung phones just recently.
  • I haven't had a problem getting more than 24 hours out of my Samsung phones since the Note 3.
  • Phil, does OTG still work with the case on?
  • Hello McFly?????
  • Too bad they didn't make one for the little brother Pixel as well. I'd like the wireless charging without giving up the USB-C.
  • thicker. Longer. Heavier oh my who don't want that ;)
  • I couldn't imagine using this a lot. The only times this would actually be good are the days you travel and don't have easy access to a outlet. If I traveled a lot I would buy one and throw it on at the airport before I boarded and take it off once I got to my destination where there is a charger available
  • I cant imagine having to work a job. I retired at 43 and travel the world now. Just finished a train trip around the whole western half of the US. Had a battery case on my Pixel XL the whole time. In case you didnt know, theres only ONE electrical plug in an Amtrak sleeping car. Also, when I travel to countries where they use different shaped power plugs and I dont have my universal adapter, I can rely on my battery case. You shouldnt buy the Mophie though, just stay at your job.
  • And like I said I would only use​ it while I travel. I would never use this day to day. It looks like a brick and would add unneeded weight
  • Retired at 43? What do you do? Watch birds all day?
  • As I said previously, I travel a lot. In the last 12 months I have been to the Philippines, S Korea, China, Japan, Mexico, and Moscow. I also did the train trip around the western US (Took 7 days). Domestically I have been to St Augustine, New Orleans, New York, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Nashville, and Chattanooga. Also did a wonderful drive through the farm country of the beaten path. Doing the trans Siberian Express train for Moscow to Beijing in September. Project Fi is a life saver.........
  • I've always found the battery life on my XL to be more than acceptable. I am glad mophie finally decided that the Pixel line warranted the manufacture of "A" unit, but I am surprised that they did not also make one for the regular sized Pixel. I think that all I would need to be tipped over to the regular sized Pixel vs my XL would be a quality Mophie battery case such as this, but sized for the regular Pixel, of course. Oh well, downhill coasting to the Pixel 2's now, time wise.
    Hopefully, Mophie won't take almost 8 months to come out with the case or cases(once again, hopefully), for the Pixel 2's.
  • Using logic, explain to me WHY Mophie would bring out a case for the PX2 any faster than the PX1? The PX2 wont have nearly the bruhaha or media the PX1 had because the PX1 was Googles Iphone competitor. Upgraded tech of the PX2 wont mean anything to mainstream media or the general population.
  • I want to buy one for the standard Google Pixel. I can't find this battery case for the smaller Pixel even on Amazon. Is it available on Android Central??
  • No