new youtube mobile site

Youtube mobile just got a face-lift, bringing a good many cosmetic and functionality changes along with it.  Youtube use on mobile devices is growing at an amazing rate -- playbacks were up 160% in 2009 according to the folks at Youtube, so it's great to see changes making their way to the mobile site.  What exactly got changed you ask?  According to the Youtube blog: 

  • It's really fast. 
  • The user interface incorporates larger, more touch-friendly elements, making it easier to access videos on the go. 
  • It incorporates the features and functionality you’ve come to expect from the .com site, like search query suggestions, the options to create playlists, the ability to designate “favorite,” “like” or “unlike” videos directly from your device.
  • As we make improvements to, you’ll see them quickly follow on our mobile site, unlike native apps which are not updated as frequently.

In my opinion, numbers 1, 2 and 3 are spot-on.  We'll keep an eye on number 4, but it only makes sense to keep improving things.  Hit the break to see a video and a couple more screenshots of the new site, then check it out on your Android phone at [YouTube Blog]


 Youtube link

mobile youtube site -- portrait

New portrait mode

landscape mode still works too

Landscape mode is still great too!