No matter how tidy your home is, once the lights go out, all bets are off. It never fails: the second you step out of bed to go to the bathroom, your feet manage to find every rogue LEGO brick, furniture corner, and precariously-placed rollerskate in your path. Light up your life by saving 50% on these MOAOO Plug-In LED Night Lights at Amazon today. Enter code 9LP3Q66K to drop them from $19.99 to $9.99. We've never seen them drop lower in price before. Make sure to use Amazon Prime or spend at least $25 to avoid shipping and handling fees.

Light it up

Moaoo Plug Lights

These plug lights feature auto dusk to dawn sensors so they turn on as the sun sets and off again once the sun rises. They are small and have a soft light which is perfect to help light pathways to the bathroom or for your kids room.

$9.99 $19.99 $10 off

With coupon: 9LP3Q66K

These LED night lights are bright enough to light the way but soft enough that they won't blind you or disturb your sleeping housemates. Each light turns on automatically in the dark and off automatically when the room gets light enough. They're compact enough that they'll keep your second socket free, and the LEDs won't draw too much energy either. The manufacturer backs your purchase with a year-long warranty.

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Since you're getting four lights, you should be covered for most of the rooms that need them. If you're in need of additional home accessories, be sure to check out this one-day sale on sheets and curtains. You can also save big on a day and dusk smart bulb for a limited time.

If you're shopping specifically for a kid, you might want to check out this LED cat night light. It's soft, squishy, and glows a few different colors. Kids (or grown-ups) can simply take the light with them throughout the house to help them see.

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