Misfit will soon let you control your Nest and more right from your wrist

Misfit has announced that a number of integrations are coming to their Flash and Shine fitness monitors. These new integrations and will allow you to control several apps and pieces of smart hardware, such as connected home appliances, from your wrist. Integrations include the ability to start and stop a Spotify playlist just a double tap on the Flash, for instance, or connect with your Nest Thermostat to control the temperature with your device's sleep tracker or alarms.

From Misfit:

Misfit is working with Nest on an integration enabling customers to connect Misfit's sleep tracking functionality and smart alarm with the Nest Learning Thermostat™ to wake up to their ideal temperature.

You'll also be able to connect to the August Smart Lock, letting you unlock your door without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. Other connections include IFTTT, and the Misfit Flash will add new services to the Misfit Channel, such as double press, which will then perform the task you assign it. The Flash will also connect to your Logitech Harmony system so you can control your entertainment from your wrist. You'll also be able to connect to and manage Misfit's upcoming Bolt light bulbs.

Misfit's new set of integrations will begin arriving in March 2015.

Source: Misfit

Joseph Keller