Picturesque Lock Screen

Microsoft has released yet another Android-exclusive app, Pictureseque, as part of its Microsoft Garage program that it first launched in October. The app, now available on the Google Play Store, is a lock screen that offers users access to the many terrific images that the company has posted on its homepage.

The new lock screen offers more than just some pretty pictures. Here are the main features of Picturesque:

  • Beautiful Bing Homepage images: Your lock screen will be updated with the beautiful daily Bing image; you could swipe through the images from past 6 days or shake your phone to change the image on your lock screen.
  • Search on the lock screen: You could search for anything on the web directly from the lock screen and read all the linked pages without having to unlock your phone.
  • Latest news: Keep yourself updated with the latest news headlines and tap through to read the full articles.
  • Weather: Find out what the weather is at your current location; long tap through on the icons to get the detailed weather predictions for the week.
  • Notifications on Screen: See your missed calls and Messages quickly from your lockscreen. Quick call or reply from the notification from Home screen itself.
  • Regional Calendars & Muhurats (Only for Indian users): Personalize the lock screen to access your favorite regional calendars and Muhurat. Now you can figure out what festival is on for the day, rahu kalam, chogadiya/hora timings all from the lock screen itself.
  • Camera & Phone controls: Access your phone camera from the lock screen; Change your WiFi, Bluetooth, volume, brightness settings; also use your phone as a torch from the lock screen.

Microsoft already has Next Lock Screen for Android, which was developed for business users. Picturesque seems to be aimed more for the regular smartphone consumer.