Microsoft now sells Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ online

As first spotted by MSPU, Microsoft is now selling Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones at its online store

Through its online shop, Microsoft is offering both versions of the Galaxy S8 either unlocked or in AT&T or Verizon variants. The standard array of colors is also available, including choices of black, silver, or orchid gray. As for pricing, you're looking at $724.99 for the unlocked S8 or $824.99 for the unlocked S8+. Carrier variants differ in price slightly. If you're looking for a discount, however, you might want to wait until November 23, when Microsoft will be offering $150 off the unlocked models for Black Friday.

That Microsoft sells the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ isn't new, but the smartphones' arrival at Microsoft's online store is. Microsoft first began selling the Galaxy S8 earlier in 2017, but it kept sales restricted to its physical retail stores so store reps could "ensure a best-in-class customer experience." Though the phones sold were the same as Samsung's standard-issue Galaxy S8 handsets, Microsoft associates were available to help customers set up their devices, which also presumably entailed installing any Microsoft apps they might want to take advantage of.

As you might expect, Microsoft is taking the opportunity on its Store page to pitch its recently released Microsoft Launcher as a way to customize the experience and help the GS8 work in concert with your Microsoft account and Windows PC. It may not be Windows phone, but as we've seen with our own experiments, the GS8 with a complement of Microsoft apps can make for a pretty solid Microsoft phone.

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