Microsoft launches XIM for Android as a new way to share photos

Microsoft has just announced Xim, a new app that will be available today for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Xim allows you to share photos easily with a group of friends nearby. You can then all view and browse the same photo content at the same time. With Xim you share your photos, not your phone.

Xim is Microsoft's new way to share photos. It works best when you want to show a group of friends a set of photos without handing over your phone. While they can download Xim onto their device, they can also use Xim without downloading the app by using a web browser.

Today you'll be able to download Xim from the Windows Phone Store, Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once installed, you can select photos from a variety of sources like your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook or OneDrive. Select the photos you'd like to share and then chose which friends you'd like to share photos with.


For selecting friends, you can look them up by name, phone number or email. Friends are then sent a link.

Once photos are loaded up with Xim you're able to swipe, pan and zoom simultaneously for each photo on every device. It's pretty slick and is a great way to show off photos from a recent trip at the dinner table.


Photos sent with Xim expire after a short time, so don't count on anyone keeping your photos.

Xim was designed by Microsoft Research's FUSE Labs. This is the group responsible for projects like Socl, Kodu and others. What do you think of this new app?

Sam Sabri