Microsoft is now accepting registrations for its Office on Android tablets preview

Microsoft is now accepting registrations for a preview of Office for Android tablets. The company is seeking consumers with a variety of hardware and software configurations to ensure the software package (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) works well across the board prior to release.

The overall interface appears to resemble that of the iPad version, which isn't a bad thing. Microsoft Office is available for free on Android, much like iOS and Windows Phone. While basic viewing and editing features are included at no extra cost, more advanced functionality will require the Office 365 subscription.

Head over to Microsoft's website to fill in some details and get signed up today. There are some requirements so be sure to confirm you're eligible to take part before signing up.

"To be eligible for the preview you have to be using an Android tablet running Kitkat and your device screen size has to be within 7"-10.1". Please note that, for the preview, we are not seeking Android tablets running Lollipop. You will need to avoid any system updates to the OS on your device to continue to participate."

General availability of this version of Office is expected to roll out "early 2015".

Source: Office Blog

Rich Edmonds