Mario Queiroz waxes poetic on the future of Chromecast Remember that FCC filing for a new Chromecast? If that wasn't enough evidence for you, a second iteration of the device was just hinted at by Google's VP of product management, Mario Queiroz.

We're still lacking details on what, if any, new features the second gen Chromecast could bring, but the aforementioned FCC filing seems to indicate Google won't be bringing anything new to the table.

Speaking at Gigaom's Structure Connect conference today, Queiroz did mention that Chromecast users have tapped, clicked, or otherwise pressed the "cast" button a staggering 650 million times since the device's introduction.

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Queiroz wasn't willing to give up too much information on the device, but it will be interesting to see how Google handles the Chromecast going forward as they introduce the Nexus Player

Are you a Chromecast user? Are you disappointed by the potential lack of new features, or are you happy that your first gen device won't suddenly become obsolete?

Source: Gigaom