The Mandalorian may not stream all at once in the U.K.

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What you need to know

  • Disney may stagger the release of the Mandalorian in the UK and other Western European countries.
  • The firm made the announcement on its Twitter page.
  • Disney Plus launches in Western Europe from the 24th of March.

Despite the Mandalorian already being completely finished in the U.S., Disney may stagger its release in the UK to mirror the U.S. release. Instead of an all in one drop as Netflix has trained its users to expect, Disney is apparently aiming more for a drip-feed of content. The inference came from a tweet made by Disney Plus's UK account, stating that the show would begin rolling out from the 24th.

The tweet, spotted by TechRadar:

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It seems odd for Disney to artificially limit the release of a show that has already been disseminated, especially when the said show is probably feely available for curious internet users. On the other hand, there's a kind of logic to this. Releasing shows week by week leads to a shared cultural conversational domination that isn't quite there for a binge-able show.

Take Game of Thrones for instance. For a little over two months, the show dominated conversation both online and offline around the watercooler. In the meantime, the better received Stranger Things could barely drive discourse for a single month.

Or as the RInger puts it:

Binging tends to erode the episode as an art form, compress conversation around a show into days rather than months, and otherwise encourage the siloing of what was once a collective experience into millions of personalized ecosystems."

Disney Plus and the Mandalorian launches on March 24th in the UK and other Western European regions.

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  • This is hilarious. I'm sure all of the UK that wanted to watch this have already found "other methods" to watch it.
  • Yup, anyone who cares about the mandalorian in the UK will have long since pirated it.
  • I spent an absolute fortune flying to the US and back every to watch it. Greta's furious!
  • Surely the reason is obvious, just money...keep people signed up for longer, rather than sign up, watch all the episodes in one go then cancel before renews.
  • Which works IF you haven't released the episodes yet elsewhere.
    In 2020, to think that they will be able to prevent people who want to watch it all at once from doing it by staggering the release of something that is already available in its entirety in another country, is hilarious. And pathetic. And you don't even need to pirate the show. You literally just need a VPN to go around these dumb region blocks.