Make sure your phone is never lost again with Wear Aware

Wear Aware is here to save those of us who constantly are losing our phones. Whether it's putting down your phone and walking away, leaving it in the car and heading into the house, or forgetting you put it down in public, nobody likes the feeling of not being able to find their phone. That's where Wear Aware comes in, it's here to make sure you never walk away from your phone — and it doesn't walk away from you.

The Android Wear app works in two basic ways. If you start to walk away from your phone, your smart watch will vibrate to let you know. There is a snooze option, so your watch won't constantly harass you if you're walking around while your phone is on the charger.

This app helps to make sure your phone doesn't wander away without you.

It also works as a phone finding app. If you can't seem to find your phone, you can open the app on your smart watch and it will set off an alarm on your phone. You have options about that alarm that you can access from your phone to make sure it works the way you need it to.

The volume of the alarm can be set at low, medium, or high — which will ignore theater and silent mode.You also have access to the ring tone that will play when the alarm goes off.

Options for Wear Awarew

Like we said, it's a simple and fairly bare app. That's because it doesn't need anything else added in to really be helpful, and for a free app what more could you ask for? Hopefully you've never had your phone stolen, or walked away from it at a restaurant table, either way this app loaded on your smart watch can make sure that never happens again. It keeps you aware, and in a world where so much of our lives are contained on a phone, losing your phone can be just as stressful as losing your wallet. There's sensitive information on these phones of ours, and this app helps to make sure yours doesn't wander away without you.

Jen Karner

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