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LTE-capable Samsung Galaxy S II Celox surfaces

Forget the fact we're still waiting for the current Samsung Galaxy S II variations to arrive in the U.S. for a second and feast your eyes on the Samsung Galaxy S II Celox that comes fully loaded with LTE. Sounds awesome, right? Not so much, you see -- the LTE-loaded in this case is for 800/1800/2600 MHz making it only capable in Europe, Asia or Australia.

In order to get it working for Verizon it would require the 700MHz band. For the most part, specs are the same as the current Samsung Galaxy S II and we're not saying this device won't show up in North America eventually but for now -- it's not showing signs of that.

Source: SammyHub; via: Unwiredview

  • I thought it was iphone5 till I saw the Samsung name. And they wonder y they are being attacked b apple.
  • You think that looks like an iPhone?!? A Nexus, yes, but definitely not an iPhone. Next, Apple will be suing TV manufacturers for copying the iPad for their similarity in appearance. UGH! Scott
  • Nah, looks nothing like an're right.
  • Looks nothing like an iPhone. You have no clue.
  • Delete.
  • now i don't know if this is factual or not but i am just asking because i have had this question on my mind for a long time. does a higher frequency LTE signal or radio wave mean more radiation comes out then normal smart phones? if so how did the FCC or the FDA ever approve of something like the thunderbolt if it gives a higher risk of causing cancer? thanks if you already replied to my question even though it is very off topic
  • No. The frequency is not the "quantity" of radiation the same way color is not the quantity of light. Just as you can have different color light at the same brightness you can have different frequency radio waves at the same power level. It is a fitting analogy, as colors *are* different frequency EM waves in the visible spectrum (same type of waves as cell radios, just many orders of magnitude higher frequency). Lower frequency waves penetrate walls easier (case in point, light sucks at going through walls) which is why VZW has such great indoor coverage. Most of their network operates in the 800 MHz band. Other US carriers do have some 800 spectrum in some markets but most have more coverage in the Personal Communications Service (PCS) band (1900MHz; Sprint PCS...). Verizon payed big bucks to buy national licences for the 700 MHz band to roll out LTE in. And its the FCC. The FDA is the people who approve harmful medications and turn their cheek at our piss poor meat industry :).
  • thanks for your honest answer
  • Now, if this is true we know some definite specs on this beast, here's hoping its an Exynos dual core. Nevermind APQ8060 IS A SNAPDRAGON
  • Holy iphone clone
  • This obviously isn't an iPhone clone; it can actually do 4G! ;)
  • Boooo, no exynos processor.
  • Guess the SGS2 won't have a 720p screen after all :-(
  • And what frequency will at&t be using for lte?
  • I want that 4.5" screen.
  • Just my gut, could this be the new nexus phone? There are rumors that nexus next would spot a 720p screen and a qualcomm soc. This would also explain why the use no exynos for such a high profile phone. Again, I have no insider info, just playing with the current rumors.