LOVEFiLM details how the service will integrate into the UK Kindle Fire

The arrival of the Kindle Fire in the UK is hotly anticipated. The combination of an affordable tablet device, with Amazon's huge content libraries is extremely enticing. We've recently seen Cloud Drive and Cloud Player launch on these shores, both of which will play a crucial part in the content offerings on the Kindle Fire. One area that has offered a little confusion however, is how the promised TV and movie streaming content will be offered. 

Amazon owns UK based LOVEFiLM, a service that offers a range of on demand digital streaming media alongside physical rentals. We know that LOVEFiLM will be the provider for the Kindle Fire, but in what sense we're not 100% sure. There is no Android application that allows LOVEFiLM streaming at this time. However, a post on the company's blog today gives us a little more insight. 

From today, LOVEFiLM customers that log in on a PS3, Xbox or iPad. can choose to sign in to their accounts using their Amazon login details instead of their LOVEFiLM details. This step will be required if you wish to stream content on a Kindle Fire. If you don't use one of those three current devices, you won't see the option just yet.

Better still, if you bought an American Kindle Fire at any point in the last year, you'll soon start to see the LOVEFiLM content in the video app. Within the next week we're told. This also gives us a little more on how we're going to see this content. In short, it doesn't look like there will be any form of LOVEFiLM Android application, at least not yet. Video content will be available in the video app on the Kindle Fire. 

This is however great news if you're planning to buy a Kindle Fire. It looks like UK owners will receive the same seamless experience offered to our American friends. With Google yet to offer music, magazines or TV yet in the UK through Google Play, Amazon has a real opportunity to make an impression in the market. We're due to see the devices land for the first time on October 25. 

If you bought a US Kindle Fire though, be sure to let us know what the experience is like for you when the video content starts to appear. 

Source: LOVEFiLM

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