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Logitech shows off video calling for Google TV -- big smiles not included

The Logitech Revue Google TV box should start reaching doorsteps any time now (or you can snag one today at Best Buy) doing more than just making TV content easier to access. It is also letting you connect with your family and friends through video conferencing. It's crazy to think that you can peak into your friends house while being across the globe. Even though video calling has been around for quite some time now, it is another additional feature for those who want to shell out more money for the Logitech TV Cam. Check after the break to see the camera in action. Oh yeah -- big smiles not guaranteed. [Logitech (opens in new tab)]

  • Okay question. What technology do they exactly use? Can I only talk to someone who has a Revue?
  • PEEK into your friends house, perhaps? Captain grammar strikes again...
  • Hey Easy123, If you are going to correct someones grammar, you should take a few minutes to proof read your own comments so you don't look like an ass. It should be Captain Grammar. Since grammar is a name in this case it should be capitalized. Dumb ass.
  • Hey moron, it's Eazy123. Right in front of your face and you got it wrong. So let me make sure I've got your lesson'd be Captain Douchebag with a capital D. How'd I do, dumb ass? Hey, since you know it all, is "proof read" supposed to be two words or one?
  • It's dumbass. All one word.
  • Plus, "someones" is incorrect as well: it should be "someone's" with the apostrophe s showing possession.
  • Shouldn't it be Captain Spelling? Peak seems to have been a misspelling of peek to me. :-)
  • and people say tech geeks have no life...I wonder where they get that from
  • Does it connect with yahoo video chat? Can I add yahoo video chat application if it doesn't?
  • Damn, Phil, There's a big Bing ad in the middle of this Android Central page. Did you guys get in on the Verizon deal? :)
  • I got an email yesterday that mine arrives tomorrow. I didn't opt for the camera to start, but, according to Logitech the video is through their systems. I was hoping for the the ability to use other video chat systems. That's why I'm holding off on their solution until I hear more about it. Kev.
  • so does skype work with this since it is a app in the market or what about the yahoo video chat or qik i seen this set up in my local best buy but they dont have enough ip addresses to use the google tv i will get a video when i know that got it running and try to post it
  • What about the video option in Gmail? Will that be supported with Logitech's webcam or any other USB device?
  • So when did comments be a sales, this needs to be banned (and this relate to Android how?)
  • Oops my spelling, That kind of posting (sales) gets me mad.