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Logitech Revue about to get a much-needed update to its Netflix app

One of the biggest disappointments when we first fired up the Logitech Revue was the Netflix app. You can watch anything in your Instant Queue, but that's it. Nothing else. Sad panda. But it looks like there's another update in the works that brings a fully functional Netflix to Google TV.

The new build -- KA1X-20101122.184803.user-b41730 -- is dated Nov. 22. The last update, dated Oct. 27, started rolling out around Nov. 2, so we should be seeing this one anytime now. We've got video of the Netflix update and a few more pics after the break, and you can find the whole shebang at the source link. [SatelliteGuys via Android Central Forums]

YouTube link for mobile viewing

  • Human Centipede... thats going to take a while to get out of my head...
  • I'll be checking for the update every day, now, because that's one of the major weaknesses I've seen in it. That, and I'd like to have Skype instead of Logitech Vid app only.
  • Sexual harassment panda!
  • I wasn't very impressed with Netflix streaming over my PS3. Their so called "new releases" are like a year old. Netflix only gives you true new releases through the mail. I cancelled my script after the 30 day free trial.
  • Does anyone have this thing and actually enjoy it?
  • I have it on my PS3 and love it. Its not going to give you new releases for 8 bucks a month.. thats just stupid.
    But it does have a nice library of movies and shows. Im actually enoying Battlestar Galactica on 1080p... and it has all the seasons. Also my daughter gets to watch Dora Shows and other movies that are on there. Great value for the price.
  • Love my Google Logitech Revue. Netflix sucked, it.seemed like it took a longtime before playback started, and the the sound was sometimes choppy. Amazon VOD on the other hand has been flawless. There seems to be some hesitation between screens right now. Looks like it has been speeded up. Hopefully bigger and better things to come to Google TV.
  • Too few movies available from Netlfix here, and not enough new ones added in a timely manner. Those available on the PS3 edition as well. Mostly low end garbage. C'mon Netflix, show us what you got!
  • Nicole here and I'm very excited about the Logitech Revue and the newest Netflix update. My revue is integrated with my DISH Network equipment and I couldn't be happier. Now I can do extensive searches for movies through out future programming, my DVR recordings and things on Netflix and YouTube. I work for DISH and I know that this is truly some of the best technology out today for all movie lovers.