Logitech expects to ship 500,000 Revues this year (but when do we get one?)

Note that "shipped" is not the same as "sold", but the Logitech, maker of the RevueGoogle TV  set-top box, expects to ship around 500,000 units through the end of this year. It was rumored earlier this month that the device would go on sale Sept. 29 (that would be today), but we aren't seeing it anywhere so it looks like that the rumor was a dud. Let's hope that the supposed $300 price tag will end up being just as untrue as well. Still, we can't be too far away from the actual release date, so why not sound off in the Android Central Forums until then? [DigiTimes]

  • Does it matter? thought you were just going to turn it around and ship it to me? :-p
  • ok, someone help me out. Im not that well versed in google/apple TV and for some reason i cant find a whole heck of alot of info on it. Now, I have dish,so if i buy it through them (assuming some evil contract) i get this thing cheaper.
    Question.... Why do i want it? As much as Id love to get rid of cable all together, what would be the point of this? I already have netflix and movie streaming through both my 360 and ps3. I have a blockbuster mail account for bluray and new movie delivery. My PC is already hooked to both my ps3 and 360 to get to the tv to stream whatever from the PC What does this add that i dont already have to make me want it? Or is it all of the same, just in one spot?
  • I'm not sure, but I think one of the main benefits is to be able to search all of those at once. If you are searching for a specific title you can see if it's on cable or netflix or DVR or Amazon or Hulu or whatever. But I really don't know, I am having trouble finding a lot of info on what it actually does different than other things we already own.
  • I believe every Revue should ship with a Nexus One :)
  • I want my G-TV!