Live Prints live wallpaper makes tracks with your Android phone

Avid reader and AndroidCentral fan Leonardo has made one of the coolest live wallpapers I've seen so far. Live Prints gives you the choice between a coyote wandering aimlessly, bloody handprints staining your home screens, footsteps searching on a map, or any combination thereof. My favorite is the Magic Map setting, and you can see it in my screen grab above. The prints do things like follow your finger taps or any icons that you move. You can adjust the standard things such as the speed of the prints and how long they persist on the screen. At €0.79 (about $1.02 U.S.), it's a great unique live wallpaper for your favorite Android phone. Check the video after the break.

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Ali Fazel
  • Very cool! I love live wallpapers. They're like Christmas! I didn't know AndroidCentral had a widget. I'll have to check that out, too. btw, Am I the singularity?! Yes, Yes, I am. (frst)
  • that depends. what's your gravitational force and density? any x-ray discharges or accretion discs? do you have an event horizon surrounding you? if you do then odds are you are a singularity. in any case, yes, live wallpapers are great.
  • where did it go?? is it not available in Canada?
  • I don't usually get drawn in by live wallpapers too much but this is a must ... really like it. Edit: Can't find it anywhere ...
  • Links don't work!
  • I have to say this is hands down my favorite app i have paid for. Its very smooth, and it just works. Awesome. Maybe in a future release the dev can allow for user choice wall papers and more stains. Great job Leo! For those of you who cant find it, try just searching in the market instead of using the links.
  • tried that to... weird edit: it appears to be renamed lonely coyote??
  • I can find the free live wallpaper Lonely Coyote and it seems to be the same developer as the official developer page links to the above video ... just not Live Prints.
  • OK, strangely if you go into the settings of Lonely Coyote and click support us you get a link to the market for the full paid version (which does not show in the search) ... Just downloaded it now :)
  • +1 that worked for me to, thanks for the tip, sweet app!
  • What toggle widget is that? I love the look of it!
  • Looks like the standard Power Widget for Android with the Automatic brightness option that comes with Froyo.
  • wow I feel stupid, still new to android, didn't know that widget existed!
  • Don't worry about it ... I originally found it because of a screenshot on here ;)
  • That's not the Android standard. It's called Extended Controls in the market. It allows you to customize from 19 different options for the bar.
  • ooh it's the marauder's map!
  • ;-)
  • Found it in android Market, Called Live Prints, Lonely Coyote is a free version with just the coyote paw prints. If you just want to try it out before you buy.
  • Yes it is there now :)
  • Hi All, Thanks for the great comments! The problem seems to be the QR code above pointing to the wrong package :) the correct one is com.bytedroid.liveprints you can also simply search "Live Prints" in the market or as mentioned by eyesparky try "Lonely Coyote" first (the free version). Thanks again,
  • Can't find it.
  • I would love to have this, but I would have to call my bank and allow the transaction (foreign transactions are blocked by default for security reasons).
  • What's the name of the calendar widget in the screenshot?
  • Smooth Calendar
  • Impossible to find, no matter how you search for it. I tried live tracks, lonely coyote, no dice for me. Please fix.
  • @nickf126: mh... weird. I have no problems to find it. Could you please try searching "Small Screen Design" (the publisher name) and let us know? Thanks
  • I've tried evereverything you guys said to do to find it but its not there i've even tried app brain but won't do it there either. Where is it. The app market shows nothing.
  • Nice looking wallpaper when I get tired of beautiful weather live wallpaper I will have to pick this one up. Good find Ali.
  • mh... I guess it should be something related to the market. could you please try with links posted on this page there's both the QR and the market link.
  • Searched for 'liveprints' without the quotes and found it no problem. VERY cool wallpaper.
  • Now the market visibility problem should be solved! :) check it out