Dauntless, a new monster slaying co-op game on PS4, has tons of different beasts in it to hunt for loot, glory, and bragging rights. These creatures are called Behemoths, and there's a lot of them. If you're looking to get an idea of what you're going to go up against on the battlefield, we've got you covered. Here's a list (with detailed descriptions) of every Behemoth that you can encounter in Dauntless.

Slay the beasts


Hunt, forge, craft, and do it all again.

Dauntless is an engaging and addictive co-op monster hunting game that features thrilling combat and the ability to personalize builds with crafting.

Brawny beasts: Neutral Behemoths

A Shrike Behemoth.

Neutral Behemoths are Behemoths that don't have any elemental powers, meaning that they lack elemental strengths and weaknesses (although elemental status effects can still affect them). However, they will make up for this by attacking with stronger and faster physical attacks.

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  • Gnasher: Gnashers are beaver-like beasts that typically prefer to charge at players, smash them with a somersault, or simply flatten you with their massive flat tail. Its weak spots are its face and its tail, and crippling one or both of these areas can significantly reduce the Gnashers' attack prowess.

  • Quillshot: This gigantic hybrid between a boar and a porcupine is slow, but it's tough-armored, and it can shoot the quills on its back into the sky, which will then rain down near players. These can be extremely damaging, so players should always stay on the move when fighting a Quillshot. If players can get close and aim for the back, you can break off the quills, which makes the fight a lot easier.

  • Shrike: The Shrike is an owl-like monster that tends to either use its huge talons to slash you to death, or to pin you down with its gargantuan wings. This makes fighting it from the front risky, so players ideally should work together to flank the beast. If you manage to score a blow on its stomach when it tries to attack you, you'll stun it, which will give you an opportunity for some free hits.

Hot-heads: Blaze Behemoths

An Embermane Behemoth.

Blaze Behemoths use Blaze attacks against players that can do damage-over-time, and their flame-covered forms will reduce any damage from Blaze weapons. Against these Behemoths, players should utilize Frost weapons and Blaze armor.

  • Charrogg: This armored turtle is slow and doesn't have dangerous melee attacks, but it can blast blazing lava out of its body at long range, which makes it a deadly sniper-style Behemoth. Your best bet against a Charrogg is to get up close where its strongest attacks can't be used as effectively.

  • Embermane: The Embermane is essentially a fire-powered rhino, and its arguably the strongest Behemoth in Dauntless in terms of charging down players. Quick, agile, and deadly, the Embermane is a force to be reckoned with. Well-timed dodges are the best way to avoid getting trampled by it, and you can make this fight easier if you chop off its horn.

  • Hellion: The Hellion is a burrowing Behemoth that likes to dig underground a bit, and then launch itself at players quickly. It can also create pools of lava on the ground that hurt anyone who walks in them. If you hit its tail, it will drop little orbs that give you temporary immunity to its fire attacks.

Cold-blooded: Frost Behemoths

A Boreus Behemoth.

Frost Behemoths wield icy Frost attacks against players that can slow them down or even freeze them solid, and their ice-cold bodies make them resist Frost attack. Players should use Blaze weapons and Frost armor against them.

  • Boreus: This peculiar beast prefers to use its psionic powers to create groups of minions to do the dirty work for it, though it isn't afraid to try and trample you if it needs to. It can hide in ice to make itself impervious to attack, but killing all of the Boreus' minions will break it out of this state and allow you to land free hits.

  • Pangar: Pangars are well-rounded, frosty creatures that will either try to stomp players with its feet, swipe at them with its tail, or crush them by turning itself into a ball and hurling itself at them. If you can memorize their attack flow, you'll be able to sneak in quite a lot of hits between its attempts to kill you.

  • Skraev: The Skraev is the Frost version of the Shrike. It uses the same attacks that the Shrike does and has the same weak spots, but it also can launch icy tornadoes at you and even create large structures of ice in order to try and reduce your mobility.

Paralyzing terror: Shock Behemoths

A Drask Behemoth.

Shock Behemoths use electricity to shock players, which can prevent them from using consumable items, and their natural Shock powers make their hides resistant to Shock weapons. Players should use Terra weapons and Shock armor against them.

  • Drask: These crocodile-like beasts are quick, but they don't have a ton of health. Don't think this makes them easy targets, though; on the contrary, they do some of the highest damage of any Behemoth in the game with their heavy tail attacks and long-range lightning bolts. Counter-attacking after a dodge is a great way to score damage in on a Drask.

  • Nayzaga: The Nayzaga is an agile monster covered with electrical spikes, and it likes to switch between using its claws and shooting electric currents at you from range. You're going to want to focus on dodging the Nayzaga's attacks, sneaking in hits where you can.

  • Stormclaw: Arguably the most annoying Behemoth, the Stormclaw is incredibly quick but doesn't have much health, like a Drask. However, instead of using their tail, the Stormclaw will try and lay electrical traps for you on the battlefield and will typically opt to sprint away from you and fire electric currents at you from afar instead of engaging up close. However, you can deflect their bolts back at them with a well-timed weapon swing, which does great damage and gives players a chance to do melee combos.

Damn nature, you scary: Terra Behemoths

A Koshai Behemoth.

Terra Behemoths can make use of the Terra element, which seems to be grass-based. They're resistant to Terra weapon attacks, so the player should fight them with Shock weapons. Terra Behemoth attacks are weak against Terra armor.

  • Kharabak: These wasp-like pests give the Stormclaw a good run for its money in the "annoying" category. They're agile, can fly, and will sometimes turn invisible to avoid being hit. They like to try and initiate with a ranged blade swing, and then will rush close for a follow-up. During this animation, a player can hit them in the head to stun them, which gives all players a chance to score hits.

  • Koshai: The Koshai is a well-rounded Behemoth that has a mix of short and long-ranged attacks, including a vine-based crush and an ability that allows it to shoot thorns. It doesn't require any special tactics to defeat, although it has more health than the aforementioned agile Behemoths on the list.

  • Skarn: This Behemoth is pretty much a walking boulder, and it's one of the easiest foes to defeat in the game. It will attempt to crush you with its body by rolling over, but if you dodge this attack, you can start to smash its armor to pieces and hit the exposed bits underneath. It quickly repairs itself, though, so fast weapons like the Chain Blades or Sword are a good choice due to the fact that you'll be able to land multiple hits before it regenerates its rock layer.

Show me the light: Radiant Behemoths

A Rezakiri Behemoth.

Radiant Behemoths are able to harness and utilize the power of light. Their hides are highly resistant to Radiant weapons, but their attacks are resisted by Radiant armor. Players should make use of Umbral weapons and Radiant armor against them.

  • Rezakiri: These massive evil-looking dragonfly things are one of the most powerful Behemoths in Dauntless. They typically will hover above players and use their massive tail to slash and poke at you, but if you time some melee hits on it right, you can ground it and hack away at its torso. It can shoot beams of powerful light in all directions, so be prepared to dodge.

  • Valomyr: This light-charged rhino is pretty much just like an Embermane, utilizing the same swift attack strategy of charging players down with its horns. Like with an Emberbrane, targeting the horn can give you a big advantage in the battle.

The power of the dark side: Umbral Behemoths

A Riftstalker Behemoth.

Umbral Behemoths wield the power of shadow and darkness, and their bodies often shrug off much of the power of Umbral attacks. Players should use Radiant weapons against them, and they should wear Umbral armor to reduce the damage of an Umbral Behemoth attack.

  • Riftstalker: The Riftstalker looks like a mix between a feline and a bat. It's the closest thing that Dauntless has to an "assassin" Behemoth, as it has the ability to create portals that it can travel through to try and flank players and hit them from behind. Always keep an eye on your surroundings so that you can avoid the Riftstalker's attacks and land some of your own before it retreats through a portal.

  • Shrowd: Shrowds look like a demonic mashup between a crow and a hedgehog, and they're the "final boss" of Dauntless. They have incredibly damaging attacks, solid mobility, and the ability to create a double of itself that does the same damage as it does but has a low health pool. In addition, it also can smother the player in Umbral energy if they're not careful, which can disable movement and leave you open to attack. Shrowds will require a high level, well-coordinated team in order to take down. Fighting them on your own is suicidal.

Your thoughts

What do you think of all of Dauntless' Behemoths? Let me know, and make sure to check out my guide on all of the different damage and element types in Dauntless.

Slay the beasts


Hunt, forge, craft, and do it all again.

Dauntless is an engaging and addictive co-op monster hunting game that features thrilling combat and the ability to personalize builds with crafting.

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