LG's upcoming developer conference will focus on module creation for the G5

LG has announced that it will host a developer conference that will educate developers on how to create expansion modules for the LG G5. Back at Mobile World Congress, LG stated that it will work with developers in creating an open ecosystem around the modules so that anyone interested in building an expansion module for the phone can do so, with the manufacturer providing the technical know-how and additional support.

With the G5 being the first modular phone from LG, the addressable market for the expansion modules is very limited, but it is possible the manufacturer will carry the modular design forward into 2016, ensuring compatibility with future LG phones. What's unknown at this stage is the price point of the modules, with LG's official CAM Plus and Hi-Fi Plus modules set to be "reasonably" priced.

We should get more details at the conference, which will be held in San Francisco next month. The manufacturer has also mentioned that it will release the "LG Friends" software development kit and hardware development kit next month, which will give developers all the resources required to get started with module creation for the G5.

Source: LG

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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