LG Watch W7 hybrid Wear OS smartwatch to launch with the LG V40

LG's holding an event on October 3 in New York City to unveil its V40 flagship smartphone. According to a new report, it would appear that it isn't the only new gadget that'll be announced that day.

Back in late April, Android Headlines claimed that LG was working on a new smartwatch called the "LG Watch Timepiece." The Timepiece reportedly had a hybrid design that combined Wear OS smarts with a mechanical clock so that users could get the best of both worlds.

Other key specs included a 1.2-inch 360 x 360 LCD circular display, IP68 dust/water resistance, 240 mAh battery, and physical watch hands with "highly precise quartz movement."

Nothing ever came of the Timepiece, but now according to Evan Blass, the wearable will be launched alongside the V40 and go by the name of "LG Watch W7."


Key details like the processing package and price as still up in the air, but assuming we're introduced to the W7 next week, we won't have to wait too much longer to learn all of the nitty-gritty.

Would you be interested in a new LG smartwatch?

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Joe Maring

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  • I'm curious as to if the analog will run on it's own battery. Otherwise this would suck IMO. But I love the hybrid look of this.
  • For sure. I don't see a battery sharing the physical movement as well. It's gotta be a self-winding watch that can function with a battery....now if they could get a self winding watch that could power both mechanical and digital aspects, that would be sweet. Imagine never having to charge the watch.
  • Would be nice but not realistic.
  • Those specs suck in my opinion. Pretty small battery. Also, only IP68 when Samsung and Apple have gone to actually swim proof is terrible.
  • I've been patiently waiting on the next gen LG watches. Hopefully they gives us something good.
  • Considering my Watch Sport is literally falling apart (and you can't buy a new watchband or replaceable battery) I'm not pleased with them at this point. Also looks like it doesnt't have a heart rate sensor, so that's not valuable to me either. Of course, in hindsight the thought that Verizon pulled back on releasing this watch may have indicated they found issues in testing, but of course they couldn't say that. Worth considering though in the future, since for the most part this device was a lemon for me. Looking at the Samsung Galaxy Watch at this point, assuming it is released on Verizon. I've actually gone back to my Gear Live at this point. Great battery life, not as many features, but it works.
  • I also had the Watch Sport and it worked fine for about 15 months and then the battery stopped taking/holding a charge. Had purchased the Galaxy Watch from T-Mobile, but apparently only Samsung phones allow you to access the Samsung App Store. Really loved the battery life in the week I had it though. 2+ days! Waiting to see which Wear OS watch comes out with the new Qualcomm processor and has all the bells and whistles.
  • I like my LG G Watch. Kinda interested...
  • Crappy battery.
  • Small battery because screen will be mostly off probably. I wonder if it's on new chipset. Might be more power efficient.