When it comes to Android Wear 2.0, the LG Watch Sport isn't the only game in town. Its leaner cousin, the Watch Style, is one of the sleekest, slimmest Android watches to date. And it serves as an alternative to the hefty Watch Sport for buyers wanting the basic Android Wear 2.0 experience without the LTE and NFC baggage of the Sport. (And the extra bulk that's required due to extra antennae and bigger batteries.)

As the name suggests, the Watch Style is supposed to be about looking good first and foremost. (A failing of many, many current smartwatches, whatever operating system they're running.) However as our own Florence Ion discovered in her review, the watch's aesthetics aren't quite enough to make up for the reduced feature set — in particular, the lack of Android Pay stands out as a weakness. Still, it's important to underscore how big a deal it is for there to finally be an Android Wear option that doesn't look like a dinner plate sitting on your wrist. And the new rotating crown button, though problematic when the watch is worn loose, is a great way to navigate through lists in Wear 2.0. For wearable fans with smaller wrists, this thing is likely to become the default choice. And it's also a good deal cheaper than its sporty cohort, selling for $249.

There's much more on the LG Watch Style from Flo in our video review above — and be sure to check out her written review for a full lowdown of the most wearable Android wearable yet.