LG Optimus S source code released

LG has released the required source code for the Optimus S, a mere two days after the handset was released for sale.  In the era where getting source code for open-source, GPL products sometimes seems like pulling teeth, seeing a company that follows the agreement they signed is quite refreshing.  Make no mistake, LG is serious about its push into the Android world.

This code won't mean much for most of you, but for the few Optimus S developers we're seeing spring up, it's like gold.  Give the fellows a bit of time, and get ready for your new Optimus S to get even better.  Hit the source link for the download, the model number you're looking for is LGLS670. [LG Electronics] Thanks ksmithinny!

Update - Looks like LG decided to take the source code down for whatever reason.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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