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LG Optimus G is certified 'Carbon-Free'

The LG Optimus G may not have received Jelly Bean just yet, but it did get certified as Carbon-Free from the CarbonFund Foundation. Along with other LG products, including refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and vacuum cleaners, the Optimus G was found to be environmentally friendly throughout the entire process of procuring raw materials, production, distribution, use, and disposal. This follows a trend LG started with the equally-green Optimus Elite.

We worry a lot about things like updates and market share, but as temporary users of this planet we should also care about the impact our hobby has on the environment. While any manufacturing process will leave some scars, it's refreshing to see companies try to be as gentle as possible on this blue marble. And don't forget we can do our own part by responsibly disposing of our tech toys when they have outlived their usefulness. Your carrier store or local Best Buy (among other retailers) will be happy to dispose of non-working electronics and send them off for recycling.

Kudos LG.

Source: LG (Korea)

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Also, the LG Viper 4G LTE on Sprint is pretty environmentally friendly. Kudos to LG; it's not easy being green.
  • The LGOG is a great phone. People are too quick to discredit it. Trust me is a hundred times better than the GS 3. Unfortunately, LG is lacking in the update department. If you are an XDAer the LGOG is the dream phone.
  • I thought all current LG phones are terribly locked down.
  • I have the AT&T LGOG and it's rooted with unlocked boot loader and is running a custom ROM called The Base. Devs are working hard to build a way to easily port any Nexus 4 ROM. They have CM10 working but are still working out the kinks before releasing it. CM9 and a stock AOSP rom are also in the works. The Base is a stock, rooted, and debloated ROM and it is already out. Development is going strong and everyday I see more developers move on over to it. Since it is very similar to the Nexus 4, once all the hard work is done building the device tree, roms are gonna come flying out.
  • is a huge scam. Here's how it works. Some factory pollutes. (Well, all of them do to some extent). Carbon Fund shows up and says give us X million and we will plant trees somewhere to offset your pollution (and you can go ahead doing business as before). But the trees rarely ever really get planted until someone donates their land to Carbon fund. So x million pocketed, land acquired, conscious cleared. Ain't life wonderful? And LG making cell phones just like everyone else makes cell phones, out of the same materials, the same plastics using the same parts sourced from other companies.
  • Is it Update-free as well?
  • Maybe lol
  • as far as I'm concerned there are much worse pollutants than CO2, so pardon me if I don't care
  • I mean. . . exactly how much Carbon can these phones give off? Or am I missing something? Are they talking about the materials of the phone?? I'm lost.
  • The energy required to build the phone. From processing the aluminum or copper inside (both energy intensive processes) to generating the resins and moldingg the plastics, etc. etc. It takes a lot of energy to make a device. Even a little phone. That energy almost entirely comes from co2 producing power plants. That is the energy they are talking about. That said, all you LG phone users, shame on you for expelling co2 while you use your fancy green phone. You really should be holding your breath while you use it. You're sullying the fine brand image that LG paid money for. -Suntan
  • That's great LG is green certified. Now where is my LG Nexus 4? Google is waiting for y'all to get these phones out. An I'm waiting for Google to send me an email on my shipping info.
  • Um...and I care because? These PR environmental things are almost always bogus. And I don't care.
  • Put a match to it and it will give off CO2. It is carbon free per the definitions in place at the time of the above publication, reference LG's marketing department literature for the full details. All the polymers to include chip packaging is loaded with C atoms. Saying it is Carbon free appeals to people who really don't know what carbon is and those who do know what carbon is see it as lame marketing. Saying you planted trees to fix the carbon produced to offset the CO2 during the manufacturing is wholly deceptive. Carbon is only fixed until the wood rots or it is burned. It may take years for either to happen, but it will happen.
  • Jerry, you are a master of words. Great piece that was a joy to read.
  • well, since no one made the joke, here goes... The Optimus G isnt the only Carbon-free phone. Every android phone is Carbon-free since the app hasnt been released yet! hey-o! Im sorry. It was right there.
  • So what? I mean LG sucks I had my nexus 4 for a couple days before it broke. One day I got back home from work put it to charge and it never turned back on. I've never had that or any problems with any of my samsung phones I have previously owned
  • Every little bit helps. By getting a carbon free "stamp" means that the amount of pollution in all forms is offset by companies doing things like planting 10 or 100 or whatever the amount of trees it would take to have them neutralize the carbon made from the manufacturing of these phones. This planet "sucks" because of people who don't care. One day, if you even make it to 30, 40, 50 years old, and start to wonder why it is always 100 degrees and every plant is dying and all the rivers and lakes are gone-ie, Mississippi River, and your grandchildren ask you about the good 'ol days.....just tell them there were a few people and companies trying to make a difference, but for you.....and just "didn't care".
  • Good luck believing that..
  • 1Brite1 - This planet "sucks" because of people who will justify just about anything in the name of 'every little bit helps'. This rock we're on was a hell of a lot colder and a hell of a lot hotter long before man ever arrived. Quit being so childish to believe we can control the temperature of our planet by using green cell phones.
  • Crimson, people like you can never be convinced. And, with that attitude no one even bothers trying. Yes, I have done ALL of my research on the subject, and yes, due to things beyond HUMAN control, ie, volcanic eruptions, meteorite hits, changing of the Earth's axis, etc, we did have volatile conditions that caused extreme heating cooling and we will continue to. The difference now is that we as humans started the escalation of carbon dating back to the first time man started cutting down trees and burning them as fuel and using them as building material. Because there hasn't been a major volcano eruption that disturbed the whole Earth's atmosphere for tens of thousands of years or any asteroid that has changed the tilt of the planet's axis or slowed/speed up it's rotation in a million or so years, it can scientifically be proven that it is human kind caused. It is not just the using of the cell phones but how they are made. The rare minerals and materials used take tons of energy just to dig them out. Then the whole processing, boxing, shipping, and plain old use of the energy grid. So, YES, you CAN make a difference for what MAN is contributing to the green house gases. Beyond that, we could all be killed by a giant asteroid tomorrow. I guess I like to be optimistic and upbeat and have hope and not bash other people when they do good. It is better than being pathetic and non-caring. IMHO
  • Good to hear
  • I had a bad experience with Lg. I got myself an optimus 4x hd just last week and
    I was happy for three days. I decided to drain the battery completely so when the phone shuts down i noticed that there is one big dust inside the middle of the screen! when you look closely there's also a 2 small dust inside the screen as well. you will not notice this dusts if the phones back light is on and that's why it took me three days to had it back to the shop where i got it. not fair for paying a brand new phone right? the bad thing about this is the shop will have to send it to the lg dealer and they will decide if they will replace it or fix the shit out of it and it will take 7 to 10 working days to have an answer from them! i emailed LG middle east about this shit and i think they don't give dam with my problem. every night this shit haunts me even in my dreams because it caused me $400 for that piece of shit!