LG Optimus Black 'Skype Edition' headed to Telus soon

We've been all over the LG Optimus Black in the past -- we gave it a full run through in our review but we now know that it will be making its way to Telus in Canada. Telus has done some special customization with their release though -- they've managed to team up with Skype to offer a special "Skype edition".

Of course, all that really breaks down to is that Skype comes pre-loaded and you can charge Skype credits right to your TELUS account but still -- that's pretty cool in our books. As it stands right now, Telus hasn't issued a date for release but they now have the splash page up announcing the device, which we take as a good sign that it will be sooner rather than later.

Source: Telus (opens in new tab)

  • Skype on Android means nothing if you can't do video chat with it. For ALL Android carriers.
  • Agreed @rjc02648
  • Skype Edition?? What a f*cking joke! Skype should be a standard application on ALL Android phones that have supporting hardware, just like the iPhone. Skype is now owned by Microsoft, and if I know Microsoft, they're going to f*ck around with Android until they pay up the big $$$'s for that lousy application.
  • Skype is a joke on any of Adnroid phones.