Epic Citadel on Optimus 2X

Infinity Blade and Gears of War developer Epic Games revealed a few weeks ago that its Unreal Engine 3 technology was already up and running on Android, and now we have proof in the form of a video shot by Italian site Tecnophone.it.

During a demonstration of the Optimus 2X by LG, the manufacturer showed its Tegra 2-powered device running the "Epic Citadel" tech demo on the phone and a connected HDTV simultaneously. The demo looks great in TV mirroring mode, which is all the more impressive considering it's running from a handheld device

Epic's middleware has already powered popular iOS games like Infinity Blade and Dungeon Defenders, and the fact that the same tech is running so well on bleeding-edge Android devices can only mean great things for the future of Android gaming.

Join us after the jump to check out the video for yourself. [Tecnophone]