LG Optimus 2X benchmarks

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We can't not benchmarks the LG Optimus 2X (be sure to check out our hands-on), with the world's first dual-core smartphone processor, right? But here's the thing to remember -- it's not going to make the phone work twice as fast. That's not to say the Optimus 2X isn't speedy -- it certainly is, with its dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPUs, each CPU running at 1 GHz.

So above we have our standard benchmarks tests. Take them for what they are. And we're just now cracking open the games and apps, which we expect to pretty much blow our hair back. Stay tuned for more.

  • Should of tried for the extra "Finger"!
  • lol... Impressive for sure..
  • WANT.. 78.3?!!? holy ef..
  • Would the benchmark apps even gauge a dual-core processor properly or are they written to test Tegra2 now?
  • I doubt any of the benchmarks will properly use more than one cores right now. In order to properly utilize 2 or more cores, you need to program them differently using multiple threads. There was no reason to do this when none of the phones were dual-core. Smartbench author says it will be updated to use dual-core processors soon.
  • It's also important to note that Android 2.2 (which Phil mentions in the video is what we're looking at) does not have a kernel that is compiled to run both cores. That means that once we get Honeycomb (yes, we have to wait that long) all of those scores should jump up a bit. The big one that should see a big jump is the LinPak score. I've got a Viewsonic G-Tablet running the Tegra 2 and my Quadrant score is about 2800, so I'd say this is right in line with that. Really wanna run NeoCore on it now, though, just to see :)
  • quadrant doesn't work properly on the nexus s
  • Why does LG think they're Samsung?
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  • How about showing the about screen to see if the kernel is compiled with SMP support? If it isn't then it's not really using both cores as the kernel controls scheduling and threading. I am really interested to see if they've done this. The about screen on the Bionic at CES showed a single core compiled kernel.
  • I doubt this has SMP support in the Kernel. My Viewsonic G-Tablet gets these same scores and I know its ROM is only compiled for a single core. On the bright side, these scores are already phenomenal and will only get better once we get SMP support in the Kernel in Honeycomb :)
  • So guys i just saw you used a ATT sim to use this,
    Where you able to get the 3G? or just 2g? Thanks
  • Wow. My Fascinate was top-notch when it came out a few months ago, now this completely demolishes it. :(
  • Please let me know how is the battery life with moderate usage,and the gps driving navigation.It sucks on my Samsung Vibrant.
  • Does LG make their own devices? It looks like a Galaxy S phone. It's even sporting TouchWiz.
  • Impressive. Especially since those programs aren't made to recognize the second core.
  • just imaging overclocking this little fella.... (@_@)
  • Unfortunately, SetCPU just crashes when you load it up on a Tegra 2 device :) I use System Panel to show the CPU load and it shows the CPU clock speed as 0Mhz on my Tegra 2. Obviously, most apps that deal with the CPU on this level will have to updated to support the Tegra 2 directly.
  • Can someone please run smartbench2010? It is a better benchmark system and it divides arithmetic and gaming benchmarks so we can see individual scores on each. Smartbench 2010 would be awesome to see on this device.
  • I ran this on my Viewsonic G-Tablet (also Tegra 2) and got 1114 Productivity and 1642 Game. A little disappointing, actually, but I have no idea what exactly this app is testing. What I do know is this thing runs everything I've thrown at it screaming fast. I'd be interested to see how the Optimus 2X stacks up, @Phil.
  • I have a question. Why are benchmarks so important to android devices? I mean I get the reason for doing them but it seems to me that with each device that is released it does better than than the last phone. And to an average consumer like my self I would never do this as it only shows how good the proc is. I really could care less how it runs a benchmark so why show this?
  • Because sometimes new devices come out and the benchmark score actually do suck. Not often, but it happens, and it might affect some people's decision on whether or not to buy a given device. Also, some of us use these devices for playing games quite a bit, and while it would be very boring and (ultimately) unproductive to watch Phil playing Angry Birds, the benchmark scores give a rough idea of how well it will play games. At least by comparing them to scores of other phones. Quadrant does a good job of benchmarking more than just the graphics chip, so you can kinda get a rough, overall idea of the device's strengths and weaknesses.
  • please compare to desire hd, " speed test - display - perfomance "