The LG G6 will feature dual 13MP cameras at the back

LG is back with yet another teaser of the G6, this time highlighting the dual camera at the back. Earlier leaks showed off the rear of the device, which sported a similar camera setup as the LG V20. In a blog post, LG confirmed that the G6 will feature a dual 13MP cameras at the back, as well as a front-facing shooter with a 100-degree field of view.

LG G6 dual camera

The rear camera will offer a 125-degree field of view, and LG says the regular sensor as well as the wide-angle lens are on an equal footing when it comes to image quality. With the G6 sporting a FullVision 18:9 display, LG is incorporating new features into the camera to take advantage of the display.

The camera will be able to shoot square images in a 1:1 ratio, making it easier to share on platforms like Instagram. There's also the ability to make GIFs from photos in your camera roll, a 360-degree panorama mode, a food mode that boosts color and saturation, and new filters for selfies.

The latest live images from 9to5Google show off the dual camera setup, as well as the always-on display at the front. Other details of the phone include a 5.7-inch "QHD+" display, Snapdragon 821, 32-bit Quad DAC, water resistance, and Google Assistant. The phone will be making its debut on February 26, so stay tuned for all the coverage from Mobile World Congress.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • This thing sounds great. This could be LG's Note 4, a phone that does everything.
  • Such high hopes for this phone but for some reason I feel LG will drop the ball somehow.
  • I'm excited for this
  • They better shoot at the same time to create a 26mp photography otherwise its a stupid downgrade (just like the move from 16 to 12 was on the S7).
  • How was that a stupid downgrade? The S7 camera is crazy good
  • It is but the downgrade in the number of available pixels is very noticeable. You're pretty much stuck to no post-shooting zooming at all because the camera simply doesn't have enough information captured to do it without the quality immediately downgrading.
    That's been my biggest complaint with the S7 camera so far and I've been using the phone since launch.
  • S7 wasn't a down grade in detail from the S6/Note 5. Yes it's lower MP but it's also 4:3 aspect instead of 16:9, you've got the same number of vertical pixels. They're also larger pixels that capture more light. So unless you want wide-screen images you can't share on social media, there was no downgrade. I've used a Note 5 since launch, used the S7 camera before it launched and was the reason I pre-ordered the phone.
  • I "upgraded" from a galaxy s6 to an iPhone 6s and the difference in quality when zooming was negligible if at all. Like the other commenter said, they have the same vertical pixels, so more than likely it's the post-processing sharpening you're talking about rather than the actual megapixel resolution
  • On the S7 sensor, the number of vertical pixels compared with the IMX234 on the G4/V10/G5 is actually slightly higher, although it has slightly fewer horizontal pixels due to the 4:3 aspect ratio. It's not a downgrade in the traditional sense, more of a sidegrade.
  • Slap a Nokia logo on it and he'd suddenly love it.
  • Im really excited for this phone.
  • The downgrade is dumb.. Upgrade the camera to a 16mp/13mp wide dual set up then maybe... I've been an LG user since the lgog..Maybe off to another adventure..My contact is up in October.. We'll see what's available..
  • They can't have a dual 16 because that requires SD 835
  • There's more to a camera than just it's megapixels. The Galaxy S7/Google Pixel takes exceptional photos, that is due to it's sensor size, the choice of lens, aperture, etc, but the megapixel sizes on the mentioned devices were only 12 megapixels. Megapixels are just half of the equation. Let's not knock it before we try it.
  • EXACTLY!!! Everyone acts like those 3 or 4 extra megapixels make a world difference when 12MP is already clear enough... like you said, the top three camera phones (pixel/s7/7plus) all have 12MP cameras so idk why everyone's acting like it'll be a bad camera
  • Looks like an upgrade to me, lower MP should mean larger pixels that capture more light and a better image. It's a small sensor in a phone. You can go low MP count with larger pixels like the S7/Google Pixel or you can go high MP small pixels like the Sony phones and take **** photos in low light. Can't fit a high MP sensor with large pixels in a tiny phone camera.
  • Well, there's a heap of stuff in photography besides resolution and pixel size. Not all high-MP phone cameras do poorly in low-light. Some pack in very good stabilization to keep shutter speeds open for longer while others pack in a larger physical sensor along with a wider-aperture. Since the larger sensor leads to a larger lens, more light is able to enter the sensor. But of course, software processing can make or break a camera.
  • It's still an LG. Easy pass
  • If it was a Samsung, will it still be an easy pass? If you don't mind, care to elaborate on your statement?
  • I'm afraid I have to agree. I'm on my third G4. Fixing the bootloop problem is not their main problem. Fixing their incredibly bad customer service is going to be a much bigger problem. Even if they fix the bootloop, I'm passing on their phones.
  • Well I'm sorry to say, if you go to an iPhone when you hold it the signal will drop. If you go to a Samsung the battery will explode. If you go to an HTC the processor will get really hot and burn your leg.
  • Amazing phone like always. Hopefully they fix the boot loops every one keeps getting. Pricing this phone right is the biggest concern.
  • Using an LG Nexus 5X, no boot loop issues here, and the camera is fantastic.
  • Lucky!
  • If LG can undercut the S7 by a significant amount (shouldn't be too hard given Samsung's rumored pricing) this phone could definitely get LG back on track; I would guess this will be the lowest price point to get a phone with a 32 bit quad DAC without stepping back in time to the V10. It looks like the G6 will be a lot more like the V20 than the G5 which I'd consider to be excellent news.
  • DayDream compatible?
  • If it had Wireless Charging I would pick it up
  • If the back comes off convert it yourself
  • I don't get the 13MP move
  • Just not digging those curves on the screen
  • Agreed, although I'm trying to reserve judgment until I see it in person.
  • VERY NICE! I feel like this launch will be LG's G2 moment. I hope it goes well. ^_^
  • That is one sexy BEAST of a phone. I want one and I want one right NOW, who do I gotta do to get that phone?
  • Looks exciting... Waiting to see in flesh... Last LG phone used was LG g4 very good phone only issue is battery life...
  • All the info on the LG G6 is sounding like a winner to me! MWC can't come sooner!
  • Still disappointed that LG is now making the same boring slab phone the rest are....ZZZZzzzz.....What happened to all the cool innovation of curved displays to reduce glare, removable batteries, leather backs, back volume buttons (totally miss this feature)?!? This is what made LG stand out. Yes they had some issues, but nothing that couldn't be easily fixed. Now, though sounds great on paper, the phone itself looks BLAH. Only thing LG has on the rest now is price, no stupid physical home button, knock code, and dual cameras. This list is dwindling.... -from a long term LG fan since the old color flip phones on Sprint PCS Vision.
  • I'm not a big LG fan but I think this phone would look great in black. Maybe they can gain some ground this year.
  • Definitely hoping for some good color options on this one!
  • Hmmm, interesting that they're also going back on resolution. Wonder if they'll finally go bigger in terms of sensor size. 1/2.6" seems to be pretty common.
  • Goodbye G3, hello G6.
  • I just want a picture of it up next to a G5 and a Nexus 6P to compare the size. Other than that, I'm pretty much sold on the G6.
  • Me too... But I think that g6 will be too much bigger.
  • I would not spend a dime unless they say the camera glass has changed since the LG-V20.