What color LG G6 should I buy — black, white or platinum?

There are three great color choices on offer for the LG G6, and as usual they are all different in several ways to appeal to a wider audience. Fancy marketing names aside, you'll be able to choose from black, white and platinum. As the group they look great, but of course you're only going to be buying one.

Availability based on your country and carrier may differ, but LG has not put any specific restrictions on colors for any regions. So check out photos of these three options and some thoughts on who may want each one before you head to the store to buy an LG G6.

LG G6 in black

Black is most often the default choice for people, as it's an easy decision to stick with a basic color and retailers are usually stocked with it in the largest quantity. The black back glass doesn't have any texture or depth to it, meaning it should show scratches the least of the group.

More importantly for some, the front bezels are also black, providing the least reflection and distraction when you're looking at the screen. The black bezels also provide a smooth transition from the display to the hardware. The metal around the sides is a soft grey, which completes the slick look.

Who is it for?

Those who want a "safe" color choice should just go with black. It will look fine over time, and offers the least distraction when looking at the display.

LG G6 in white

If you're going to make a black phone, you might as well make one on the exact opposite end of the spectrum with white. There is a bit more to this color than you'd think by looking at renders, though, with a bit of pearlescence and sparkle dotted along the white back.

That means you get a slightly different look to the back depending on the angle the light hits it, but that feature also carries onto the front to shine extra light in your eyes. The white on the front also makes the screen bezels stand out more, which can diminish the visual effect of the LG G6's tall screen.

Who is it for?

If you don't want to go with a plain black but think platinum is just too much, you may like the subtle sparkle of the white LG G6. Just be aware of how it looks on the front and will reflect light toward your eyes.

LG G6 in platinum

Platinum is of course the most standout color of the LG G6. You can immediately pick it out from a crowd of other phones, but at the same time the blue-silver hue isn't nearly as loud as some other blue phones out there like the Galaxy S7 edge.

The platinum LG G6 has a distinctive look to its back because it isn't a solid color under the glass, but rather a slightly textured pane that offers a feeling of depth. It looks neat, but should also help conceal glass scratches that would otherwise show up on a plain surface.

On the downside, the platinum color continues onto the front of the phone, which can be distracting. It won't be as reflective as the white front, thankfully, but it's far from the sleek look of the black.

Who is it for?

If you want your phone to stand out a bit — whether it's on a table or in your hand — you are probably already drawn to the platinum color. Chances are that style will be worth the added distraction of the platinum flowing on the front.

Which color of the LG G6 are you most attracted to? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • The screen layout, bezels, and chin make any color work on the front. It doesn't allow the color to over power the display. I never go white phones, but white looks pretty slick on the front.
  • Black is the safest but that white one with a clear case will look so pretty lol.
  • Platinum looks the best! Better than the standard black color :)
  • I like the black. Due an upgrade in September ages away I know but so far this phone is the one for me.
  • I'll go for the black, achy other color will be distracting and odd looking with the black bar while watching videos.
  • Good point.
  • Getting the white one for my daughter. She wants the Slickwrap's "Ebony Woodgrain Skin" to cover the front and back. She doesn't like cases.
  • Black and platinum look better all polished and shiny, but the white one won't look like so much of a fingerprint pigsty after 5 minutes of casual use.
  • I'll go for the black color with no hesitation
  • Waiting on the v30 or whatever its called. Cases make color choices irrelevant
  • Black all the way... Hides the bezels & isn't reflective like the other colors. Safe but effective to me.
  • It would be cool if you could get the black screen, black sides and platinum back. But then again maximizing consumer choices is not what this design is about. I'd take the black though.
  • They're all fingerprint magnets. I can't wait for the manufacturers to move on from this stupid glass body trend. Pokegate: 07/14/16 - Never Forget...
  • Exactly, nothing beats a solid polycarbonate shell, both for durability and weight. This all glass phone craziness needs to END.
  • That will never happen as long as consumers keep wanting "premium" designs. I can't see why a soft-touch plastic back with a metal rail isn't premium. Heck, you can even go rubber with a metal rail and it'll not only feel nice but also add tons of grip.
  • What exactly is a premium design, what makes an all glass phone all of a sudden a premium design, your don't see an all glass car, all glass phones are extremely fragile, I should know, I own a Nexus 6 and a Samsung S7, I dropped the S7 on my tilled kitchen floor corner edge first, the edge got a nice dent in it and the corner of the screen turned white, the glass did not shatter, but it looks damaged "the phone still works fine", have dropped the Nexus 6 in similar fashion many times with no damage whatsoever to the bezel or the screen. What's the point of making fragile all glass phones which will have to be encased in a case made of polycarbonate or silicon.
  • Why else do you think I quoted "premium" in my OP?
  • Noted
  • Turth is we should call it what it really is.... Pretty
  • Well, it's not even that pretty once it's filled with smudges.
  • I meant from a marketing perspective
  • Soft-touch poly with a metal rail would be perfect. Like the old Moto Droids. Yeah, the design seems quaint by today's standards, but they were still totally premium-feeling, so updating the aesthetic to something modern while retaining those materials and that approach would be ideal. Hell, I'd settle for metal over glass. My old M7 was tough as nails, and sexy to boot. Pokegate: 07/14/16 - Never Forget...
  • The crappiest part about the entire industry is that no one wants to design anything that will last with any kind of durability.
    Glass is by far the worst material to make a cell phone out of...
    >It breaks way to easily, and when it does it forms sharp edges
    >Its a thermal insulator (compared to aluminum)
    >Offers no grip
    >Its somewhat scratch resistant, but not enough to offset the negatives.
    >More weight per unit volume than aluminum or plastics no thanks
  • I used to own a galaxy S4, had dropped it many times with no damage do to the polycarbonate body which is able to absorb drops much better than an all glass design, since glass has none of the shock absorbing characteristics of polycarbonate.
  • Agreed, my Note4 is caseless and still looks great. The polycarbonate with chamfered edges looks premium to me.
  • Erica Griffin made a cool video at MWC with pre-production models and it looks like the black is worse for fingerprints. She did mention that production models could have a fingerprint resistant coating.
  • "On the downside, the platinum color continues onto the front of the phone..." No. That's the upside. The front of the platinum phone is gorgeous. It's the backside that sucks. I'm not fond of that brushed metal look. The front looks much better than the rear of the platinum model.
  • I usually go for black but the platinum def looks nice!!
  • Blue. Or yellow
  • White for me, hides fingerprints better then any other color. Looks like I might actually try an LG this time. Never had anything other the iPhones and Galaxys. Try picking up a S7e off a flat surface, smdh. The S8 looks like it will be more of the same. G6 is looking better and better.
  • Whichever color you like the best? Not sure I understand the point of these articles.
  • Black by a long-run! It's sleek and just catches your minimalist eye like the black onyx s7 edge
  • I'll take the color that won't bootloop.
  • Black, always bet on Black! :) Black is the new Black :0