LG G Flex 2 to land in South Korea on January 30

The LG G Flex 2 was arguably one of the most intriguing announcements to come out of CES, and now it looks like the Korean manufacturer is gearing up to release the phone in its domestic market. The company says it will release the phone in Korea on January 30 for a price of 800,000 won (roughly 738 US dollars).

If you're wondering about LG's ambitions for releasing its curvaceous piece of hardware across the world, there isn't much news on that front. The company simply states that the phone will see a release sometime after it is set free in its domestic market. However, we do know that AT&T and Sprint, along with U.S. Cellular and Vodafone will be among those to offer the device.

If you somehow missed all of our crazy CES coverage and want to know more about the LG's latest, you can find our hands-on with the device, and much more from that nifty little device box to the right.

Source: LG (Korean)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster