Lenovo's China-Only Android Ophone Makes Us Jealous

Hey HTC! Wake Up! You see that phone right there? It's supposed to be a work in progress Android phone for China Mobile. Currently dubbed the Ophone, it's only going to support China's own TD-SCDMA 3G Network and will also use some China Open Standards as well. Made by Lenovo, it looks stylish and definitely a lot better than the G1. Sadly, this puppy will never see the light of day here in the States because it won't fit into the technology here.

So though we might never get the Ophone here in the US of A, maybe, just maybe HTC will take some of those design cues and put it towards an Android device. Android can look pretty too!


Casey Chan
  • Maybe give AC an HTC HD running Android for the holidays? Or would that just knock you guys out? :)
  • don't worry , guys , China will copy another phone looks like lenovo Ophone soon if lenovo sell well in china .the copied lenovo must be Android and better quality and cheaper price than it , pls trust me . to make a phone in china is very easy .just pay 400,000USD is enough to create a new good phone with all the functions. you can check www.lencoo.com , you can find many china phones , sure , must be have android phones too , lencoo and lenovo ,who is better ? who knows ?
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