Lenovo Yoga Chromebook: MrMobile is in awe at the size of this lap(top)

Bias alert: when I see the word "Chromebook," normally I think either low-cost low-capability devices for schoolkids … or super-premium, super-portable Pixelbooks for, well, Google employees. The notion of a massive desktop-replacement laptop never enters my mind – but Lenovo's Yoga Chromebook is just that.

The Yoga Chromebook is an utter monster of a machine, with a four-pound aluminum chassis that looks big enough to accommodate a 17-inch display (though it settles for a 15.6" panel instead). The battery carries a similar surprise, coming in at 56 Wh when the casing seems large enough to accommodate a power pack nearly double that size. But Lenovo didn't build this behemoth so you could take it around town in your totebag; instead it envisions a life of recumbent luxury for the Yoga Chromebook, staying mostly plugged-in while its user enjoys a little Netflix or YouTube with their web surfing. If you spring for the model with a 4K panel, that almost makes sense at $749 – assuming you're willing to pick up a MicroSD card to complement the anemic 64GB/128GB storage options. And also assuming you think a massive Chromebook is a good investment.

Check out MrMobile's Yoga Chromebook Hands-On from IFA 2018 in Berlin, and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don't miss the full review when it goes live later this season!

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