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Android Central at Mobile World Congress We know for sure that LG will be on hand in Barcelona next week for Mobile World Congress, and courtesy of @evleaks we're treated to 2 of the devices they may be showing off. Say hello to what is reportedly the LG Optimus F7 and F5. 

It all sits nicely with the recently released teaser trailer for LG's MWC showcase, which tossed some new letters -- F and V -- into the mix. We've already seen the latest in the L-Style range of devices announced officially, and while these two F-series devices bear a distinct resemblance, we'd hope the differences are more than just a different letter in the name. The F7 strikes a similar pose to the 2012 Optimus L9, with a slender looking profile and physical home button.

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It's important to note that these are just leaks, but given the usual reliability of the source, there's a good chance these are the real deal. Whether or not we do get to see them in Barcelona remains to be seen, but we'll be live on the ground next week bringing you whatever LG has to offer.

Source: @evleaks