Leaked photo shows off Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact's front

If the recently leaked front panels for the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact are accurate, then Sony may be continuing the design trend that is found on its recent line of smartphones and tablets. The leak shows what is allegedly being reported as the front panels for the Xperia Z3 and the miniaturized Z3 Compact in both black and white, revealing slim side bezels and more chunky top and bottom sides.

At this point, not a lot of information is known about either rumored forthcoming Sony flagship phones. Given the leak, Sony could potentially unveil the device at the Berlin-based IFA show where it will face competition from Samsung's rumored Galaxy Note 4 unveiling.

We still don't know information about the device nor are we seeing images for the full phone at this point, but this is something to keep an eye out for. For now though, it looks like Sony is continuing its OmniBalance design language.

Are you excited for these next generation Xperia models? Let us know what you want to see happen in these high end Sony flagships.

Thanks to all our tippers.

Source: Xperia blog

Chuong H Nguyen
  • Where's the "new design" -.- Posted via my Huawei Ascend Mate 2 :)
  • Right.. Was looking forward to a much improved design.. Hopefully this is not the real deal Posted via Android Central App
  • People ask Samsung and Apple the same question every year. Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself
  • Lol
  • Word lol.. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • I know yikes Posted via Android Central App
  • So excited for the Z3 compact. Provided they continue the "shrink the flagship down" strategy of before Posted via Android Central App
  • Sony's flagships are irrelevant because they aren't available on all carriers, like LG, Samsung, and HTC's flagships are. Posted via Android Central App
  • Irrelevant in the US, perhaps. The US isn't the only place where smartphones are sold, nor is it the largest market for Sony.
  • Exactly. What a closed minded way of looking at the world. "If it's not in the US it doesn't exist."
  • I agree with your statement bergeronijc.. I don't know who we think we are.. just because we are in the U.S. of A we think the World revolves around us.. What a narrow way of thinking.
  • Exactly, why care about a market that is almost 1/5th of global spending. Much better to ignore almost 20% of the market.... right?!?
  • This is a mostly US centric web site(with some UK coverage) so it's usually assumed any discussion is geared towards North Americans. It makes me wonder about the "international" visitors to this site. Are there any organizations in their own country that covers Android or do they come here and always have to remind Americans that a web site staffed by a majority being Americans, bringing news to a mostly American audience, to consider the other markets that doesn't affect them at all.
  • Actually only around 30% of the viewers of this site are from the US. Basically every "US" site is just an international site, so the US usually makes up around 30-50% of users of any given "US" site (other than online stores), and then when you talk about products, obviously the US doesn't make up nearly that large of a percentage of the global market.
  • The USA is roughly 20% of global spending, so no, not 30-50%, but not a small amount by any means.
  • How can his statement be closed minded if thata where he lives??? He is on a USA based website making a statement about a phone/OEM that doesn't either 1. Push for or 2. Simply get, major distribution in the USA... Like why would he sit here and have concern about a phone he can't use.. Its his comment... One which i agree.... Eff Sony until they show love in the country i live in... U think i care about the loccal egg farmers across the world.. No!! I can't comment on that... But i can on what's available to me Posted via Android Central App
  • Same thing for Canada, buddy. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm not your buddy, guy!
  • Could it be that FINALLY Sony will present and release the Compact alongside the "normal"-size? It would explain the skipping of the Z2 Compact. At any rate, I'm glad if they keep the omnibalance designs as they're just gorgeous and really classy.
    Now all I really want from a Z3 Compact is 32GB of internal storage to circumvent Google's idiotic decisions regarding microSD functionality. Put the Z3 Compact out with 32GB and microSD and I'm sold.
  • It seems to be popular these days lol Posted via Android Central App
  • When Z3 releases... "New in Sony US store : Sony Xperia Z2 AVAILABLE NOW! Posted via Android Central App
  • Lol Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself
  • Exactly Posted via Android Central App
  • It's funny because it's true.
  • Have they actually gone and made the bezels bigger? n5
  • No! Instead of tinny tiny back speaker like you know who,
    those are front facing stereo speakers like HTC only water proof.
  • Seriously asking since I have not seen anything saying that. Do you have a link?
  • The only bezels I care about being slim are then ones on the size. Actually, I welcome a bit of bezel on the bottom. But that's just me, and I'm sure I'm in the minority.
  • The problem is that Sony uses on screen buttons, which means the actual screen gets quite a bit away from the thumb. I still think Samsung are the only ones daring to do the most user friendly, keeping the physical keys. It's just so much easier to handle with one hand.
  • bezel bezel... bezel bezel bezzzzzzz Welcome the drama
  • Well I was thinking of paying $600 for z2, I guess I won't now. Maybe used htc one m8 on ebay or oneplus one (if I ever get invite).
  • You can buy an invite on eBay. They are transferrable, so people are selling them. If you want to buy one, I've ordered the black 64GB version, but it would be around $675 to cover all of the costs involved with getting the invite, freight, paying for the phone itself, etc.
  • I don't want the phone that much, low price is why I want it. For that price I could get oppo find 7, xperia z2, galaxy s5 active, lg g3, htc one m8, etc. Posted via Android Central App
  • I have the Z2 and the Find 7 available as well.
  • How much? What is your ebay username? Posted via Android Central App
  • My eBay user name is intrepid359 with 100% positive feedback and 40 reviews. Which phone are you interested in? I have the Astro Black version of the Find 7 and the White version of the Find 7, to clarify. I import a lot of phones that haven't been released in the US yet, or may never be released in the US.
  • lol do you know who MrThaiBox123 is? I think he bought one from you and got the free power bank, check his vlog channel haha
  • No, sadly none of my Find 7s have sold. I usually sell them to Americans who are leery of importing themselves, so they buy from me for a higher price, and I help them deal with warranty issues and tech support. Not sure what to do with the Find 7s at the moment.
  • Well sorry but I already ordered a phone. Htc one m8, $400 on ebay. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm also selling a new Z2 on Swappa. Quailallstar is my name and a trusted seller. Android and Blackberry fan
  • thats insane for that POS
  • Oh, you have one and have used it for long enough to justify calling it a POS? Great! Tell us more! /s Posted via Android Central App
  • The cannot do software (their own or CMs), they cannot deliver hardware, they cannot run a contest, they cannot sell a phone openly, they cannot....oh nevermind you get the point. It is a DOA POS. They had a great chance to do something cool and blew it. Just from the "launch" how do you think a return would go? Warranty service? Updates? As is said when the POS comes up, they lost their window.
  • OPPO is the second most profitable mobile company in China. Their subsidiary, OnePlus, is launching its very first phone. Pretty good for a new company. They'll survive. Don't get jealous because you can't get one.
  • For blu-ray players and other small electronics, not phones... and I would not take one if you paid me. May they disappear from the landscape for good.
  • Some proof for you: http://www.statista.com/statistics/255250/smartphone-sales-in-china-by-b... http://www.statista.com/statistics/238443/market-share-of-3g-smartphone-...
  • The empty graphs representing market share are relevant to profits how? You realize those are two completely different things, right?
  • ok I know your not stupid. It is not a huge leap to take those lists and name 3-5 companies more profitable than OPPO. Since you said it was second, I will start you off just by showing you that you are wrong. 1. Apple
    2. Samsung
  • www.gizchina.com/2013/07/24/oppo-becomes-2nd-most-profitable-phone-compa... http://blog.gsmarena.com/oppo-becomes-the-second-most-profitable-mobile-...
  • I read the lame press release with no supporting documentation. Show me numbers. I can show you what they other companies on that list made or lost. I have found nothing on OPPO profitability except their own press release. Just because they say they are does not really make it necessarily true. I would still say they may be 5-6th but I doubt it. They cannot build 20 phones at a time.
  • You obviously didn't read it. Your post makes no sense.
  • Your second link is dead and your first one does not mention a number. For almost all the others on my list I can find how much they made in profit. Nothing for OPPO. Sorry, saying your number one does not make it real. Besides, Apple and Samsung are more profitable. That makes your statement wrong. Posted via Android Central App
  • Again, you obviously didn't read the press release. OPPO didn't say they were number one or number two. I'm not sure why you continue to think that. They are number two, regardless. Apple and Samsung have negligible portions of the Chinese market. The big players in China are based in China, like ZTE, Huawei, OPPO, BBK, Xiaomi, TCL, etc.
  • No, specifically for MOBILE. That's why I used the word "mobile."
  • Your right I missed that in my first reading. No comment on my links? You know the ones showing you were incorrect? here is another one: http://www.china.org.cn/top10/2014-02/25/content_31577362_10.htm
  • I ask again... do you have one? Have you used one for a lengthy period of time and can therefore make a justified statement as to why it's a "POS"? Or are you just talking about market share and who's first in sales and blah blah blah... until you've used one and can make an accurate judgement based on solid, first hand evidence, you should probably just shut the fuck up. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well I posted thr first comment and have been getting alot of emails from these guys argueing back and forth, ordered an htc one m8 from ebay. Couldn't wait forever for Oneplus One and I only paid $50 more than I would have if I got OPO. Posted via Android Central App
  • I would take one if they paid me n5
  • Left device is fake or has been heavily edited. Unless Sony intended the bottom of the screen to not be parallel with the bottom of the device. (And you can see artifacts from the editing) Posted via Android Central App
  • Yep, I can tell by the pixels and I have seen quite a few 'shopps in my time
  • Agreed, its photoshoped
  • So f***ing ugly Godddd
  • I'm sorry but its the only word I can find to describe this, when are they gonna make one atractive Xperia? I'm sure it's top of the class in specs and software but damn they're ugly. Its why I will never get a phone that looks like a weapon until they change their design.
  • Because they are not all that widely available in the US, I do not get to play with them like I get to all the other flagships. I do however have a ton of people that I deal with from Asia (and India and other places around there) and they are are UGLIER than the pictures show. On top of that they feel pretty crappy in the hand. Granted I only have them a few minutes at a time, but it leaves an impression
  • I assume you're talking about Samsung? Sony is in a class of its own when it comes to build quality. Beyond HTC, beyond Apple. You're worthless.
  • Nope not talking about anyone but Sony. They do build a solid phone, but it is ugly and feels like crap in your hand.
  • How do 2 pieces of glass with a metal border feel like crap? Posted via Android Central App
  • Wait there's already a z3 when the Z2 came out only a month ago? Posted via Android Central App
  • Sony releases new flagships every 6 months. The last one - the Z2 - was presented at MWC in February so it's normal that the Z3 is to be expected at IFA in Berlin. If there's one thing Sony customers know is that they CAN'T buy their phones to show off for long. The "Look I have THE flagship from Sony!" silly argument some people use to get phones doesn't work with Sony.
    If you want a phone for social status and to show off, then get an iPhone. With Sony you get the device you like and suits your need, regardless of how long it retains a mere social title.
  • I probably would have given Sony a shot with the z2 but it never came to Verizon. Still torn on what to use my upgrade for. Leaning toward htc one m8 Posted via Android Central App
  • Ok... people in the US don't even have the z2 available. And my wife's Xperia z just got 4.3 which is sad. Sony needs to get things together. Posted via Nexus 5 Android Central App
  • The day US customers start demanding for Sony phones, Sony will bring them.
    Right now the USA isn't a priority for Sony. Europe and Asia are. That's where they get the love from. It's where the majority of their customers are. So they rather cater to them than to waste time and money trying to convince American consumers.
    It sucks for those in the USA that would like a Sony phone but I don't blame Sony. If Nokia has done the same instead of wasting time and money in the US market while neglecting Europe they wouldn't now be in this forced hiatus.
    At the end of the day, it's business that matters.
  • Give the US a phone to demand. Can't demand a phone that they don't know about. Posted via Android Central App
  • I have a Sony Z1C and I love it. I use as my secondary phone and I was waiting for the Z2 to release and make that my primary phone. Oh well guess I'll be waiting for this. Hopefully Sony will release it in a timely manner in the US. Posted via Android Central App
  • They'll be releasing it in the US when the Z4 has been announced for the rest of the world. Posted via Android Central App
  • Nice photo shop. Posted via Android Central App
  • Can't help but feel like these are just prototypes that will never see the light of day.
  • Had a z1 last year and got a z1s recently so I can enjoy mobiles LTE in my area. Have to say its been a fantastic device.only downside is the mediocre speaker quality. Looking forward to the z3, don't trip up Sony, you're doing good lately.
  • Looking forward to the Z3 Compact because it won't have the factory installed screen protector that marred the Z1 Compact.
  • Can anyone get the Z2 yet? Sony should focus on selling their current phones first before releasing a new one. Posted via Android Central App
  • Refreshing their flagship every six months and not having a great track record of upgrading their old ones is what stops me from seriously considering a Sony phone.
  • JMHO here ... #1 Trim 2/3 of that top bezel away and @ 20% of the bottom in order to save some serious length on this device. #2 Round those corner radiuses more, which makes the device significantly "smaller" when in use in hand. Sharp corners make the device less easy to handle / "larger". #3 Side bezels are pushing the limits of your best competitors. Good job. I'm for getting the largest display into the most easily handled / carried space. Most everything I read about Sony's flagships is good. But the form factors have always been a non starter. Sammy did a pretty good job on my Note 3, except for squaring off the corners. Looks businessy, but this makes the device "bigger" in hand. LG G3 is the winner and G2 / GS4 are close behind in the max view vs overall size war. Looking for the coming day where the side bezels are gone, the top is only large enough to house the sensors & earpiece, while the bottom will need @ what LG / Sammy are pushing now in order for users to leverage the device while holding in use. Can't see the back here, but the "user shaped" back of the Moto X (winner), Nexus 5, G3/2, GS4, M7/8 make the device easier in hand than Note3, GS5/2, Xperia, iPhone 5, Optimus G etc with flat-ish backs. As long as the device is capable of laying stable on a flat surface that is. Thickness is much less of a functional concern than feel in hand. Ultra-thin is more of a marketing / wow factor than ergonomics in this area. These are the things that I judge "leaked" photos by when they hit.
  • Copying iphone bezels?
  • yes, because apple invented bezels. Posted via Android Central App
  • I like the Xperia Family "design language". Loving my Z1 Compact & Z2 Tablet. Posted via Android Central App
  • Come on Sony bring it on I need the Z3 with both clean Android L and Windows Phone options ! Give us something like the Moto Maker but include software in it too !
  • I think its 2 speakers on front side. That mean they follow HTC Posted via Android Central App
  • Z3 and the Compact variant will hopefully make it to Verizon...
  • Stop the bezel madness
  • Still not a fan.
  • Concidering the Z2 isn't even available yet in the US. No. Not interested. Posted via Android Central App
  • I will definitely get this when it comes out in Canada. Hopefully it will have Android L out of the box. Posted via Android Central App