Layar Brings World's First Mobile Augmented Reality Browser to Android

Before you read this, we highly recommend watching the video above. We'll give you a minute. Okay. Now how cool is that? Layar is bringing the world's first mobile augmented reality browser to Android and the potential for this kind of application is truly limitless.

To give you a brief run through (for those who didn't heed our advice): Layar uses Android's GPS, camera, and compass features to display real-time information on the world before you. Think of it as an informative looking glass for the world, you point your Android phone in a particular direction and you'll receive details galore--points-of-interests, houses for sale, ATMs, jobs, and so much more. It'll give you the information about what you want to know--distance, store hours, etc--by just pointing in the right direction. It's pretty much Google Maps on ridiculously powerful steroids

Though it's only available in the Netherlands, Layar will soon come to the UK, Germany, and yep, our own United States of America.

Does Layar's Augmented Reality Browser make you love Android even more?


Casey Chan