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Without any traditional waypoints to guide you, you'd think having a map would come in handy. The Last of Us Part II doesn't have a typical video game map like you'd think, but instead allows players to find a tourist map of Seattle. It shows up early in the game right before you enter the city, and if you happen to miss it in this location, it'll pop up in other areas across the world, giving you multiple opportunities to pick it up.

Where to find the map of Seattle

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Right before Ellie gets to Seattle, you'll have an opportunity to hop off of your horse on the highway and go throw an abandoned building on the side of the road. In one of the drawers inside you'll find a map of Seattle.

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This map can be used to mark off locations you've been to and completed, but it's fairly useless for the most part. It's an actual tourist map that Ellie just holds up, and it's rudimentary at best. There are a handful of streets crossing through one another, but it's difficult to tell the direction of a particular building relative to your position.

Frankly, the game does a good enough job guiding you where to go just based on the level design.

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What other things are we missing?

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