Laser etched battery covers offered up for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Anyone who saw Phil Nickinson's Google+ photo of the "gorgeous" red custom battery cover for the Galaxy Nexus may have felt some dismay. It was definitely different, somewhat unique but not altogether convincing as a personalisation of your prized phone. Now though, it gets much cooler than that. Laser etched battery covers, and best of all, they'll be official OEM battery covers. 

A startup campaign launched through IndieGogo aimed to raise $1,250 to get the project up and running and financially viable. The total so far is in excess of $2,500, so it looks like full-steam ahead. Both stock, and extended battery covers will be available for both the GSM and CDMA versions of the Nexus. There is a small selection of stock designs available, but for a little more of your hard earned, you can have a custom design. The only caveat is that they won't do copyrighted material, and nothing too detailed. The work area is only about 4 square inches in size, so it's not too much to ask to keep it relatively simple. 

If this sort of thing interests you, hit the source link below to head on over to IndieGogo and take a look. 

Source: IndieGogo via Ubergizmo

Richard Devine