Kingdom ROM and Sense 3.0 on EVO 4G, Desire HD users don't feel special anymore

Flashaholics and Sense-lovers take notice: that leaked Kingdom ROM (and Sense 3.0!) floating around has successfully been ported to the EVO 4G. It's in it's first release, so there's definitely some bugs to be worked out, but for the most part, all the important bits are working.

And when I say the important bits, I mean things like 3G/4G data, hardware acceleration, cameras, Bluetooth, GPS, wifi... well, the list goes on. Yes, the devs are aware that the weather app is broken (but the widget is suspiciously not broken) and that the video recorder force closes.

If you can live without those little things, however, fire this ROM up and let us know how it runs. The devs are looking for feedback, and I think there's no people better equipped than the Android Central community to get 'em what they need.

Source: XDA Developers, thanks deltatko!

Joshua Munoz