My favorite pieces of kid tech over the last two years have come from the folks at Kano. This team is dedicated to teaching kids how electronics work through a combined hardware and software approach, and the results in my household are undeniable.

This week at CES the Kano team is showing off their next big kid, the Camera Kit. Like the computer kits, this new setup is all about giving kids the ability to explore and create once they understand how everything works.

Kano's early prototypes for the upcoming Camera Kit are on display at CES, and it's easy to see how this is going to work. Kids will assemble a basic kit with a sensor, microphone, flash, and of course a durable casing with big, friendly buttons. The sensor is surrounded by the same LED ring you can find on the classic Kano computer kits, which means kids will be able to choose how the colors are displayed and learn how to use software to choose which lighting is best. This kit includes software to teach kids how to build their own photo filters and GIFs as well. The USB port on the side of the kit makes it easy to transfer photos back to your PC when picture time is over, making it easy for kids to see their creations.

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There's no launch date or pricing for this Camera Kit just yet, but Kano has a registration page open for anyone who wants to get their hands on this kit as soon as it is available. After that launch, it's likely this kit will join the other Kano kits on shelves at stores all over the world.

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