Sprint Galaxy Victory 4G LTEFrequent firmware leaker Samsung-Updates has just put up a preliminary leak of the Jelly Bean OTA for the Galaxy Victory 4G on Sprint. The device launched back in September of last year, disappointingly so when we saw just Ice Cream Sandwich on board. What we're looking at here though is software version L300VPALJ9, based on Android 4.1.1, which is a complete OTA package. We don't have a proper changelog associated with this update, which weighs in at a hefty 370MB, but that tends to be the case with leaks.

There's no indication as to whether this is what the software will look like when it officially hits, but for now it's all we've got. Sprint and Samsung have yet to publish any support documents confirming the update. If you've got a Galaxy Victory 4G and are interested in giving the latest firmware a shot, hit the source link below.

Source: Samsung-Updates; Via: Android Police