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James Gosling, Java's Godfather, joins Google

You may not be familiar with the name James Gosling, but you're a fan of his work.  In 1994, he practically invented Java -- the programming language, the compiler, and the virtual machine to run it all -- while working at Sun Microsystems.  This not only got him elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, it helped him become an officer of the Order of Canada.  If you are using a computer on the Internet, or an Android phone, you're using his work now.  We can sum it all up by saying the dude is a genius of the highest caliber.

And now he's coming to work for Google.  Mr. Gosling did not stay on when Oracle bought out Sun, and by all accounts didn't agree with Oracle's methods.  He also gives a unique insight about the Oracle/Google patent dispute:

"During the integration meetings between Sun and Oracle, where we were being grilled about the patent situation between Sun and Google, we could see the Oracle lawyer's eyes sparkle."

We can't be sure Mr. Gosling will be working with Android development, he isn't even sure yet what his daily routine will be at Mt. View, but whatever he touches will likely get better.  [cnet news]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • COOL!!
  • I'd love to see how they're going to use his talents.
  • I only hope they lock him and Tim Bray in a room full of food, good beer, and tech toys, and tell them to make Android better. then come and check on them in 6 months :)
  • Larry, Prince of Darkness, is probably not happy.
  • Here comes Gandalf of Google. Somebody needs to P'shop fireball in his hand.
  • Where were you and your awesome idea when i was writing this? lol
  • HAHA Jerry
  • this is great news!!
  • While I would *love* to hear he was joining for Androids benefit. I have a feeling this move may have more to do with 'Go' than Android. We'll see.
  • BWAAHAHAHAA!!! I love it. For one he obviously knows how to work around any patents Oracle might have on VM technology so at worst we see a settlement for damage done and we move on. Second this brings additional clout to Google as it pertains to the Java world so I can only hope he is going to team up with the Go language guys and Guido van Rossum creator of Python and bring us the next evolution in languages and platforms so that we can get away from the mess Java has unfortunately become. A modern syntax language like Python, Ruby or Go thats still run on a VM with near native code performance, not memory hungry, viable on desktops and completely open source is what we need. Thats not too much to ask is it? lol. But seriously I can only imagine great things are coming out of this.
  • Wasn't Google being sued for using Java patents some time ago? Did they flash this guy a giant paycheck to make him join? All in all, this is a GOOD thing, it keeps him away from Apple.