iTranslate Voice lands on Android with support for over 40 languages

iTranslate Voice will translate your speech into another language, much like Google Translate, though without the language detection. Importantly, it allows someone else to respond, letting you speak back and forth to each other, without the need to type. iTranslate Voice supports 42 languages, including English, French, German, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish from both Spain and Mexico.

After picking your two languages, tap the circle with the flag that represents your language, and begin speaking. When you're done, the app will translate your words into the other language, and speak your phrase back in that language, while also providing a text translation of the phrase. If you do need to type, press and hold the circular flag icon at the bottom of the screen. As part of the $1.89 in-app purchase, you can add the Phrasebook, which will save your commonly-used phrases for quick and easy access.

iTranslate Voice is available for download from the Google Play Store right now.