ITC judge clears Samsung of NVIDIA patent infringement allegations

Samsung logo at a press event booth
Samsung logo at a press event booth (Image credit: Android Central)

A U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) judge has ruled that Samsung did not infringe on two NVIDIA patents for which it was taken to court in September of 2014. The judge did find that Samsung infringed on a third patent, but ultimately nullified it. From Reuters:

Judge Thomas Pender said Samsung did not infringe two Nvidia patents, and while it did infringe a third, he ruled that patent is invalid because it was not a new invention compared with previously known patents.

The case brought against Samsung and Qualcomm in September, 2014 alleged that the companies' Exynos and Snapdragon processors had infringed upon three patents related to graphics processing. NVIDIA was seeking a sales ban on Samsung products using the technology — which the ITC has the power to enforce — but it looks as though that effort will be unsuccessful thanks to this ruling.

Source: Reuters

Dan Thorp-Lancaster