Is it worth buying the Galaxy S8 in June 2018?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review
Samsung Galaxy S8 Review (Image credit: Android Central)

The Galaxy S9 is currently Samsung's latest and greatest flagship around, but unless you're willing to spend at least $720 for the privilege of owning one, you're going to want to look elsewhere for your next smartphone purchase.

For some folks in the market for an upgrade, last year's Galaxy S8 can be an enticing option. It offers about 80-90% of the features found in the Galaxy S9 and costs a great deal less.

One of our forum users asked if they should consider buying the S8 if they can get it for £480 in the UK, and this is what our community had to say.

It's definitely still a good phone, but at that price... I'm not sure. Don't know if the same offers are around in the UK or not, but in the US you can find a lot of offers for the S9 that peg it for about the same price or less, and definitely cheaper S8s. IF the deal you can find is absolutely the lowest and no upcoming sales are in the horizon (don't know about UK holidays), then it's...


I would recommend you to actually get a OnePlus 6, it is better optimized than the S9 (more powerful) Has an excellent camera, a great screen, is splash proof, and has a bunch of other things that makes it a better phone than the S9 plus for the price....

Khronus Titanicus

The s8 still runs great. It's got two more years of support. Mines still runs super fast after 13 months, no lag or issues. I would say if you can get it on a bargain it's well worth it. Design still amazing.


Yeah Definitely S8 is such a great phone to buy. Camera Quality and software experience, Speed, Gaming performance everything thing is damn awesome I think S8 is still worth to buy


What do you think? Is the Galaxy S8 still worth buying?

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