While a lot of excellent phones were released last year, two that really stood were the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. These two phones brought a lot to the table, including a vastly improved design, wireless charging support, Android Pie out of the box, and a truly mind-blowing camera experience.

The phones were not without its faults, however, as some people have complained about poor RAM management and less-than-stellar battery life on the smaller Pixel 3.

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At this point in 2019, where exactly does the Pixel 3 stand? Here's what some of our AC forum members had to say.


It seems to only have a problem because it has 4GB RAM and the competition has 6GB or 8GB, like the OP6 or Note 9. So it doesn't really have a problem. It just has less RAM in the first place so it will keep less apps open.


After 7 months I'm still happy with mine. I have this and an iPhone XR and both have their strengths and quirks. The Pixel is what I favor though. I have the 3XL.


at this point I'd just wait for the pixel 4. from early leaks it seems Google is going to fix some of the hardware decisions they made in the past.


I have had absolutely zero issues with my Pixel 3XL and I am sure you will be fine. The battery may not be the best, but I have yet to have had it die during the day. I do have a charger handy tho pretty much in all my frequently used places.


What do you think? Is it still worth buying the Pixel 3?

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