iPhone X and iPhone 8 impressions from an Android user

Apple does what Apple does. And on Tuesday at the new Steve Jobs Theater at the new Apple Park in the same old Silicon Valley, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. And in doing so, it reminded us (or at least should have) of this simple fact:

Apple doesn't give a damn what you think. It's gonna do what it's gonna do. And it's gonna do it better than just about anybody, because it's not trying to be anybody else. It's not trying to be Samsung. It's not trying to be Google. It's not trying to be Facebook or Snapchat. (Mostly.)

That's a good thing. And it means some interesting things for Android. Or not.

Let's break down what happened Tuesday.

Tim Cook, Steve Jobs and the storms

OK, nothing really Android-related here. But I do enjoy Apple CEO Tim Cook at events like this. No, he's not the world's most dynamic speaker. But damned if he's not authentic.

His voice breaking when talking about Steve Jobs. His remarks on Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Maybe I'm biased because he grew up about 45 miles from where I'm sitting as I type this, and so the accent is familiar. But that sort of Southernness at product events is something you don't get very often — if ever — in the Android world. It's not typical Silicon Valley. It's not Asian. It's not European. ... It's just an interesting change of pace if you end up sitting through as many of these things as we do here.

Apple Stores — erm, Town Squares ...

This really is peak Apple. Never mind the hardware. It's this sort of ridiculous aspiration that the company will always be known for.

It's not enough to have an end-to-end retail experience? Purchase, post-purchase, service, and repair. Is there any company that does this better for this sort of product? (Or any sort of product, for that matter?)

But this talk of Apple turning stores into some sort of town square is, of course, ridiculous. You go to an Apple Store for two reasons:

You go to an Apple Store to get something. To get a new phone or computer. To get something fixed. To leech off that sweet free Wifi for a little while.

Or you go there just to play with the cool shit.

You don't go there for a sense of community. Or to stage protests. Or to set up an outdoor street fair. (OK, Apple's sort of toeing the line with that last one, but I'd argue anything in that realm is in support of point one.)

No. The only way to look at an Apple Store now and forever is as a means to sell things. Period.

Apple Watch

Hey, look. The Apple Watch is the best-selling watch of any major watch manufacturer, anywhere.

I'd say the bar is still pretty low when it comes to traditional, full-fledged smartwatches. Yeah, offerings from Samsung and Android Wear have gotten better over the years, but c'mon. More interesting is the comparison to traditional watch makers. TechCrunch's John Biggs does a good job a breaking down why beating them on the balance sheet wasn't all that hard for Apple to do.

The new heart-rate stuff Apple's rolling out looks great. And ditto for tapping your watch to compatible gym equipment to really keep track of your workout. That's something I'd love.

But for those of us who have gone from the early days of smartwatches back to mechanical watches, I'm just not seeing anything that would lure me back. And that goes for the cellular option, too. I have to imagine that it's certainly better than Samsung's first attempt at a watch/phone combo (I can remember calling my wife from 30 stories above Manhattan), and it's a great thing to have if you need it.


But I don't need it. And don't yet see anything that makes me need it.

Apple TV 4K — inventing old things all over again

So Apple TV 4K is getting — wait for it — 4K resolution. And HDR quality. And Dolby Vision. And for the most part that's table stakes for a high-end streaming platform, and it certainly took Apple long enough to get it.

Will you notice the difference? Probably. Can you live without it? Sure. Is it the obvious and necessary improvement you'd expect at this point? Yep. Apple didn't do anything here that you wouldn't expect. None of this is new technology. It's just new if you didn't already own it in an NVIDIA Shield TV, or a Roku Ultra.

It's a good update for Apple TV.

Except that the remote control still sucks.

iPhone 8, iPhone X, and my head just hit the keyboard

One thing I've always liked about iPhones is that they look like iPhones. You see one on the street, and you immediately know what it is. That's mostly thanks to the home button, of course, but also just the overall look of the thing.

The iPhone 8 keeps that aesthetic. It's a better iPhone is all. Faster, more powerful, better cameras. Same shit, different year, right?

The iPhone X is the bigger deal. And it's not because of the price — starting at $999. And I'd argue it's not even because of this phone. It's because this phone is the start of the next generation of iPhone. It's not so much a bridge between old a new — more of a leap from one road to the next.

Of course, we all knew what the iPhone X was going to look like before it was announced. But I couldn't help but look down at the phone I'm currently using — the LG V30 — and think just how similar the two look. Same goes for the Galaxy S8. Or the HTC U11. Or the Essential Phone.

iPhones look different. And there will be millions of old ones for the next five or six years that still do. But we're entering an age in which iPhones — starting with the iPhone X — are going to look like every other damn Android phone out there.

Beautiful, large OLED screen. Not new, no matter what Apple tells you. (And the pixels per inch are still less than what you can get on other current phones.) No physical (or pseudo-physical) home button on the front.

Wireless charging? Been there, done that. Since 2011.


Face ID and poopmoji cameras

Smartphone cameras have changed the world more than just about anything. They've completely upended journalism. They've given voice to the voiceless. You wouldn't have the Arab Spring or Black Lives Matters or horrible YouTube haul videos without smartphone cameras.

Now? We get animated Poopmoji. For $999.

Poopmoji isn't the advancement we need, but it's probably the advancement we deserve.

This is tied into Face ID, of course, wherein Apple has shunned the fingerprint sensor for lasers and cameras and camera lasers to map your face. And what better way to learn and get better at this sort of thing than with Poopmoji. (For $999.)

I don't really have anything to say about Face ID that Jerry didn't already say here.

That especially goes for the part where he says we don't yet know what we don't know. Certainly, Apple wouldn't (cough) ship a half-baked unlocking tool. But this is the sort of thing you can't figure out in a demo area. You've got it get it in your hands and actually use it in real life. In your home. Outside. In the sun.

Face ID certainly won't work for everyone. There will be edge cases. If Apple manages to pull this off in the same way it led the way for fingerprint sensors on all phones, it's a big deal.

But I'm also not convinced that Face ID is the end game. We know everyone's working on fingerprint sensing under glass, and that it's just not yet ready for prime time. We might well see that next year or the year after. In the meantime, it could be an excellent alternative.

Or it could be a reason to not buy this $999 phone.

One thing to think about, though: Face ID on MacBooks. That could be fun.

So what the hell does this mean for Android?

This smartphone thing isn't a zero-sum game. Nobody wins here. You want an iPhone? Buy an iPhone. You want Android? Buy Android. Both are excellent for different reasons. Both ultimately do the same thing.

David Ruddock at Android Police opines that "The iPhone X will overshadow the new Pixels." Of course it will. Every iPhone has always overshadowed Google's own phone. So has every Galaxy phone. And we're not even getting into Oppo and Huawei and the more regional phones that sell a shit-ton outside the United States.

No. Google's going to be Google. (OK, it might soon be HTC-Google.) Google knows what it has to do if it wants to "win" with the Pixel. But it's not going to creep in on its other partners to that extent.

Samsung's going to be Samsung and make really good phones and market the hell out of them and sell a lot of hardware. The LG V30 is excellent. OnePlus is still nipping at a lot of heels.

And Apple's going to continue to be Apple. It'll continue to innovate at its own pace, because it's still running a different race than everybody else. The only way Apple "loses" is if it somehow ends up on the same track as everybody else. Big OLED screens and wireless charging and Dick Tracy watches are a big deal only because Apple had never done them before. It doesn't matter that we had bad implementations of them six years ago on Android phones that didn't sell a fraction of what the iPhone has sold. (To say nothing of the longevity of those phones in the first place.)

What matters is what Apple's going to next. And what Android's going to do next. For the former, that's the iPhone X. For the latter, we need to look at Project Treble and the framework improvements that are paving the way for the next generation. (Some of this year's phones will get that, but mostly I'm looking toward the new Pixel, and 2018.)

Oh, and, yeah. Someone better start working on Poopmoji.

Phil Nickinson
  • Being me. I will pickup both the Apple 8 and X. This coming from a Android user. I use both platforms daily between my business and personal use.
  • Why do you need both iPhones though? Why not just get the X?
  • I like the newest tech on the market.
  • But the iPhone X is the newest lol. The 8 is just for the people who can't afford the X. There's nothing better about it except for maybe the fact that it has Touch ID
  • That's not a true statement. I might be getting either the 8 plus or the Note 8. The reason I'm looking at the 8 plus as opposed to the X is not cost. If it's delayed now, can you imagine the wait that's going to happen if your not the first person online, the day it goes on sale? You'll be lucky to get this phone before May.
  • You must have a very well paid job..
  • Hooray for guinea pigs... I mean, early adopters! ;)
  • Are you a wizard
  • Going to use one in each hand at the same time?
  • Thank you, Phil, for the balanced discussion. Good to see the more level-headed legacy half of AC come up every now and then.
  • I think the main writers for AC are and always have been pretty balanced and nuanced in their opinions. It's a lot of the commenters that get a little.. tribal.
  • Apple TV is utterly stupid. For that price, just go and buy yourself an Xbox.
  • Don't underestimate what the reduced cost of 4K movies and the automatic upgrade to 4K versions for 1080p versions you've already purchased will do for the consumer in the 4K space. That was the highlight of the Apple announcement for me. That only happens because Apple entered the 4K space with hardware.
  • If you're already entrenched in iTunes sure. If you want to have somewhat platform agnostic content then it's not for you, and doesn't matter. Don't assume that Google or anyone else can cut that same kind of deal with Hollywood.
  • ^^ yep
  • Same arguments were made for TV show purchases and rentals, HD movies, 3D movies, music subscriptions, and album/song sales. Take a look now at every other intangible media product and the prices are identical across the different content providers . The problem was never cost but exclusivity, and 4K will be the same.
  • Same argument applies, and until it's proven that others can cut the same deal then it stands. If/when Google and others get the same deals then obviously the argument no longer stands. As safe as it may be to assume they'll all get the same deals, it's still not guaranteed.
  • Any deal could be made by two parties that agree with the terms and conditions. To think or say no one but Apple could make the deal is small minded.
  • Who said that only Apple could make that deal? All I said was to not assume that everyone else would get the same deal. I also said that it's likely they WILL get the same deal, but that it's not done until it's done.
  • There's are other ways of managing your music that don't involve Itunes, namely MusicBee and DoubleTwist are the two that most Android users tend to favor. I use MusicBee myself, very robust and customizable allowing the user to mold it to his/her intentions... Haven't used Itunes in nearly five years...
  • It's totally not a deal that Google couldn't make. If Google showed one ad on their homepage for one week, they'd own the movie industry. Apple and Google are so much bigger than anything else they don't have to compete, they don't want to compete. Google doesn't want to break open the 4k market, it wants to own it. How do you own the 4k market? Android. For every 4k Apple TV box sold, 10,000 smart 4k TVs are sold let alone chrome casts and fire sticks. Heck Roku has a bigger market share than Apple TV. Apple doesn't want to own the 4k market it wants to build it.
    This is a publicity stunt where the movie industry makes a couple changes to Apples licensing agreements and Apple debuts the changes as pro-consumer along with the iPhone. It's almost like if Google displayed an ad on their homepage for a movie service for a day in exchange for some licenses. Except Google doesn't do that.
  • Exactly
  • I'll say again what I said on the other article. FaceID feels like it was supposed to be something else and ended up the unlocking method of choice for the X because they couldn't get underglass Touch ID in time. They had it, so they cobbled it into the new iPhone.
  • What I don't get is why not put a fingerprint scanner on the back like lg/Samsung or side like Sony if they could not get the screen button to work. I feel Apple dropped the ball with the X you pay more for the phone but in a way less options than the 8. Each to there own though I still perfer my sony xz premimum over what's out there at the moment though but like I said each to their own
  • I suspect that Apple believed they were going to solve the under-glass problems, so they committed to this design early. It would take a lot of effort to rejig the insides to fit a fingerprint scanner on the back side, and there's no obvious spot to plunk it (as there is with the S8 and Note 8). Depending on how they've set up the wireless charging coils, it would quite likely have to be an ugly bump in the top-right corner. And Jony Ive would never allow an aesthetically displeasing solution, so that's a non-starter. Personally, my backup plan would have been to drop wireless charging (which is nice to have, but not a necessity) and hide the scanner under the Apple logo. I imagine that many people would be tickled by the symbolism of unlocking their phones by tapping the logo.
  • Makes a lot of sense. I'm sure they were confident from last year they would have this working for this year's 10th anniversary. And of course placing it at the back wouldn't have been Apple's style nor would they want to be doing what everyone else is doing. If and when they get it embedded we ll see the return of their Touch ID.
  • It'll be introduced with, "we heard your feedback about not having a fingerprint sensor, so guess what? We've brought it back and made it even better!"
  • Well... ANOTHER ugly bump on the back, that is.
  • Why didn't they decide to put the 'Fingerprint-Sensor' into the Power-Button, as Sony did?
  • Didn't they purchase the original Kinect maker a while back? Seems like they've been working towards this for some time now. They had to have been planning for those sensors for quite some time. Now, if you mean that they also wanted to have under glass FPS for the X then yeah, I agree with you. I think next year they will have both.
  • I think they had the tech, but really never intended it to be for face unlock. Or a direct replacement for Touch ID. I think animojis are a waste of the the tech but possibly the tip of the iceberg. Seems like a lot of hardware and software just to open your phone and make turds laugh.
  • Damn poopmoji are going to be game changing when they trickle down to the cheaper iPhones.
  • Say no more Phil :)
  • I do wish for that as well. But, alas, he keeps coming back.
  • Hopefully this is a joke. I love Phil! Great to read something written by him.
  • My biggest complaint is that the iPhone 8 should've been the iPhone 7 last year. The 7 was such a joke of an upgrade and the 8 isn't much more, and would've been much more appropriate last year. A 7S would've been a better compliment to the X this year.
  • The reason why the iPhone 7 was just an upgraded 6 SS model was the total redesign was being saved for the 10th anniversary. And of course they thought they would have the fingerprint sensor embedded tech working. If they had gone with the all screen this year's event wouldnt have stood out. Just an S version upgrade from last year's. One thing ppl don't know this all screen redesign or as per Jonny Ive's vision from around 2012 a sheet of glass was in the works for some time. This wasnt just done bec of Xiaomi's release from last November or bec of Samsung S8.
  • You have to be pretty high up at Apple to know what they were planning....
  • The iPhone 8. Everything the iPhone 7 should have been.
  • My opinion is that iPhone users, whel most of them, live in a paralel world. For them Android futures doesn't exist, so everytime when Apple throws them something at the table they will say : "This is something new and delicious".
    On the other hand for me as an Android user I'm glad that Apple made the move with the iPhone X, becouse now Android manufacturers will have to work harder than ever to convince us buy an Android device or at least stay with Android.
  • You absolutely have to suspend all knowledge of tech to truly appreciate what apple presents at their keynote.
  • Not *all* knowledge just the incredible attention to cutting edge tech that we on a Android blog would spend our time with. Most people only know technological progress from commercials and broadcast news segments. I agree that Apple has never done anything truly new, but they are the ones that push adoption rates for fleshed out consumer tech. Everything they've ever done was make other companies incredible innovations from previous years easy to interact with for non-techies. And that's great for us, we get to play with cutting edge tech and have a blast tinkering with it! I imagine most mainstream folks are aware of that.
  • Spot on. Not to mention the gimmicks they try to sell people on instead of releasing a raw powered product. Apple undercuts their products witch cheap components and over sells to the masses. You ever notice how they never talk about ram or graphics chips for their phones.. the same reason ios runs so well on their devices because the software is basic enough to where it doesnt overwhelm the phones processing power. (Ex apple emp. Ex iphone 5s user) android user for the rest of my life
  • I am loving the hard edged, tell it like it is, articles going up on this site. I believe you cater toward a mature audience and I appreciate the mature, straight talk content.
  • There's a difference between this balanced straight talk and the bitter straight talk yesterday. You don't have to be wildly biased to be an "adult"
  • The face ID implementation seems kind of stupid why do I have to unlock the phone and still have to swipe up to get to the home screen shouldn't you just unlock the phone and it automatically goes to the home screen like the iris scanner does on the Galaxy S8 S8 plus and Note 8
  • I saw that too. Lame
  • Like the camera is any better ! Can't take low light or think from a distance. See how they go after the Gen stupid . Selfies and instgram. At least the note can zoom in for a start . I don't see any real difference. Qi charging most Android has that or better .
  • But since Apple is doin qi charging now we're gonna see it in coffee shops and airports on a regular. I been using qi charging since my nexus 6. But we both know Apple will give it a bigger push.
  • This is absolutely one of the most exciting parts of Apple jumping on the wireless charging wagon for me. The direction Apple takes is the direction major retailers take when catering to cell phone users so I too expect to find wireless charging pads all over the place within the year.
  • I say 6 months or so for large cities.
  • But will it? Mobile payments (in my opinion) didn't "take off" after Apple Pay. Yeah, more places accept NFC payments than before, but there was no noticeable jump in adaptation in the months or years after Apple Pay was introduced.
  • They already said airports and coffee shops will put the tech into tables and such. And I saw a jump, it's definitely a lot more places that take nfc. But Samsung did the smart move and bout that payment company and made Samsung pay
  • It did in the UK. As soon as Apple Pay came out shops started installing terminals that accepted it.
  • Yea America is always behind on adopting new technology.
  • YOu mean the country that does all the R&D and created the computer??? smh....
  • Invention is not the same as deployment.
  • I can see an apple town square. It would be a safe space full of hipsters and liberal snowflakes..
  • Lame.
  • As opposed to racist/entitled conservatives? See, I can do that too.
  • exactly ^^
  • There are plenty of entitled and racist liberals. Don't get it twisted. Just like there are liberal snowflakes. Racism is not based on political views, neither is it more likely in any party. That's just not true.
  • Ha! What bull, there will always be more conservative racists than liberal racists
  • Tell that to the plantation blacks hat the left keeps oppressed or the Japanese who were in camps in WW2....I could go on but you get the point
  • You realize it was the left that created the KKK and opposed Civil Rights 100%, right? Be careful and learn what you speak of although I do agree this is no place for politica
  • Apple stores are full of both liberal and conservative snowflakes..
  • Shouldve done a gesture thats on the v20.. Double tap screen and swipe to unlock.
  • Good morning, good morning, good morning, good to see you all here..............
  • Enjoyed this take Phil. You're so right about everything you said here.
  • I would have read this entire article had it not been written by extreme Trump basher Phil Nickinson.
  • The most interesting and exciting things for me were the cameras and ARKit. Seems really cool and given the new 4k shooting options with the updates to portrait mode is really promising. Everything else had an "it's been done" feel to it.
  • I was disappointed by the X. Felt like a half baked product to me. We'll have to see what they come up with next year. or the year after. But as ever they sure do knowhow to market the phone.
  • Any idea why our Android phones don't shoot higher resolution slow motion and FPS? I'm set on getting the V30 and I was hoping it would be able to shoot slowmotion in 1080 and a higher FPS due to it being a videographer phone.
    I'm guessing the 835 chip ( heck even earlier ones) could handle it, so why still only 720p?
    Any information on this would be great. Was the only thing about this new iPhone I was a little jealous about.
  • I don't think it's a chip limitation, as the Sony Xperia does a crazy 900+ FPS slo-mo at 1080, and the U11 does slo-mo in 4k. Actually, I just looked it up and the U11 does 2160p at 30fps, and 1080p at 30/60/120fps with 24-bit/192kHz stereo sound.
  • I also like Tim Cooks authenticity! Gonna preorder the X and for my android fix it is between the LG V30 and Pixel XL 2.
  • Wish I had your bank account
  • What a amazing device Apple has created here.
  • Which one?
  • Jony Ive. He looks so lifelike.
  • Yup. AI, that's their real innovation.
  • All Apple does is take the best things from Android & incorporate them into their phones & say look what we have. The duel camera IOS shooter's was just released by Samsung over a month ago. Hey, look what we did. That's just one example among others which Android has been using for a few years now. No home button & no fingerprint scanner. Now, 999.00 for the X. That's a whole lot of eggs in the basket. For myself the note is much more feature packed for 930.00 dollars. The i-sheep will flock to the X & you know what more power to them!
  • Appreciate your take Phil, as always.
  • Sorry but once again I have no interest in the newest iPhone. But to those that are getting one I hope you enjoy it. I'm eagerly waiting for the Note 8 to arrive in stores.
  • Every Android journalist is really week for apple! I feel like know Android journalist really goes hard for hard Android!
  • Can I get a translation here? Anyone???
  • Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks and more gimmicks. Wireless charging, fingerprint scanners, smaller bezels, dual cameras, facial ID, and NFC. I don't care about any of that ****. Give me a phone where the screen don't crack, no glass on the back, at least 720p, great speakers, a headphone jack, at least 3000 milliamp battery, at least a 630 Snapdragon, a great camera, Spigen case and at least 4 gigs of RAM, and I am freaking HAPPY!! *I forgot about the 5.2 inches of screen, at least. 5.5 is preferable.
  • Bruh, fingerprint sensors are no gimmick. They're so fast and easily to unlock your phone.
  • While I'm not a fan of gimmicks myself (i.e. Samsung's Bill Bixby and HTC's squeezy sides) NFC is far from a gimmick and IMHO a must have for in store payments via both Apple and Android Pay.
  • Edge Sense sounds pretty gimmicky, but it honestly sounds like a feature I would use a whole lot if I had it. I'm a big fan of the way Moto handles gesture-based actions, and Edge Sense seems useful in a similar way to me.
  • S8 Active and buy a Spigen case?
  • I'm really liking the fingerprint scanner on my ZTE Grand X4 even though it's on the back rather than front. This phone also has a tough screen and while I don't recall it's mAh I do get a full day of battery life if I leave it on just LTE. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack. I have a very nice over-the-ear headset that I don't want to give up anytime soon. I've always used bargain phones and just appreciate that the features on flagships of three and four years ago eventually become standard for sub-$400 phones like mine.
  • Android is really just competing against itself and all the old versions of the OS. The high end is going to be Samsung from here on out.
  • It means nothing to android users, why even have to mention apple stores? Most stuffs iPhones are getting this year are what already have beens on android for awhile now, OLED, fast charging, wireless charging, HDR screen all new to Apple, while standard on a lot of android phones this year, also screen to body ratio, wow they took the leap too far going edge to edge with that thing while still wanting to use that Face mapping thing. Most phones last year still don't use wireless charging remember. One thing the iPhones got from the iPad is true tone, which is great, but where is the 120hz display, you mean Samsung can't build that for you? Also night shift has been on iPhones for awhile, so true tone is just some colour sensors. And the 8 don't even use OLEDs, what a waste, should be cheaper to get the 8. Videos got a huge boost though, very useable frame rate for 4k and HD likely for better AR. Apple does what it does best, apply BETA features to last year features, last year BETA on portrait mode, now that every phone has a portrait mode, they come up with BETA for portrait lighting, and using that weird notch of sensors on top to do it for selfies, if it works well, then wow. It's supposed to use a neural engine in the chip to learn your face and apply lighting, seems like Face AI is becoming a thing for Apple. Of course they can map your face like Sony, but I bet they won't say it, contradict their privacy stands. The iPhone this year should just be 8 and the X, the plus is a mistake, the weight and size is too big. The 8 still ok, for those not willing to go bezel free corner to corner, and still willing to use old tech like LCD, actually the 8 should use OLED too, why Apple. It's priced like an OLED phone right. Cellular on Apple Watch is nice, for doctors and chefs maybe, regular people just use your phone. Ok town halls, apple like to give names to stuffs, Retina display, super retina, Touch ID, Portrait lighting, it's just branding, and now their stores got bigger to host more workshops and allow people to hang out and exchange ideas like a forum, maybe they even wanted to call it a temple, which is worse. Also they are spilling out to the public realm like some campus.
  • I don't see how they expect the 8 plus to compete with the note 8 s8 plus or v30. They don't have a "modern looking" phone with a big screen now. They should've released a iPhone 10 and 10 plus and just kept the 8 around for the cheaper people. No one is going to be excited about buying an 8 plus now. Woo it's more fragile and has wireless charging? Big woop.
  • Don't want to deflate your ego too much here, but I'm guessing that Apple is a little better at marketing than you are.
  • Exactly the 8 should be priced at 600. Let the X be 1k. That should help components constraints. Ok so the 8 is still viable with the bezels and Touch ID, and it’s finally got a lot of missing flagship android features which are standard this year.
  • I don't think the iPhone 8 Plus was designed to compete with the Note 8, that's why there is a iPhone X. The iPhone 8 plus will appeal to folks who are upgrading from a 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, or 6s+. it will also appeal to those folks who prefer the classic iPhone design and new adopters who don't want to spend $1K on a phone. iPhone 8 plus is still a strong phone and comes with the A-11 which looks to be a fantastic chipset and the improved cameras. It will be a strong competitor to the S8+ and the V30, especially if the V30 is plagued by some of the hardware issue it's predecessors have been saddled with.
  • The v30 is some really nice package, but my previous experience with g4 is not great, this might be the first great LG. I just don’t think the plus is competitive on size, so big, haha, great specs indeed A11 is close to 10k on geek bench, new neural engine and graphics card.
  • In have some phones with LCD and some with AMOLED, and still prefer the colour accuracy on the LCD ones.
  • You can tweak the super Amoled right? Now I think with HDR and P3 colour the X should do better than the 8
  • $999 so I can animate a poop emoji? No thanks. I like the idea of the tech behind it, but it's not practical, unless you're a 12 year old girl. Then giggle your poopmoji. I'll stick with my manly Note 8.
  • I'm sticking to my manly note 8 as well lol.
  • God damnit Phil, this made me miss your articles and weekly editorials. Great commentary and insight.
  • I'm with ya man! Good job Phil!
  • My take on Apple and Samsung (The sinfular Apple market and Android leader Samsung) new offerings this year is that it is game over for all the lower price point makers. Why? In two years time the cost of todays iPhone X and S8+ or Note 8 will be next to nothing. Simply stated, the best premium phones in two years will be superior to cheaper, but new, competition and therefore kill demand for the competition. Will todays Note 8 or iPhone X be superior to a Pixel or Motorola or LG new phone in two years? I'd almost guarantee it.
  • "A day after Apple completely reinvented everything all over again for a second time once more, some thoughts on what that means for the Android faithful." That's the greatest lead-in I've ever read. I'm going to start r̶e̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ watching Modern Dad now if that's the kind of stuff you regularly put up over there Phil.
  • I have the Essential PH-1 and they have dropped the ball. I don't care what it's made from, I want a case to keep the cosmetics perfect when I decide to sell it. I don't want the overly aggressive throttling the PH-1 does. Run a game or anything demanding, and the phone drops to 50% speed. I can show you the thermal-engine.conf if you don't believe me. If I had TWRP and root, it would not be an issue. So, I'm ready to return my PH-1 and get in line for the first iPhone that I'm willing to buy; the iPhone X.
  • I also have the PH-1. Sure it has a huge screen on a little body -- and running stock android, but performance is horrible. I believe what you say about the throttling. With the specs it has, there's no reason for the bad performance. I'm returning it -- just waiting for the shipping labels. I'm tempted to get the iPhone X. The last iPhone I tried was the 6 and I returned it within 2 weeks. The X is different enough to give it another shot. Luckily, the next Pixels will be announced before I have to decide.
  • Always the same argumentd of things being already done each year... just stick with android articles, it's more interesting than article just defending android against apple
  • Yeah my Nexus 7 2013 has already had face unlock.
  • And you think that Google's implementation of face unlock going back to Ice Cream Sandwich and Apple's Face ID are equivalent technologies?
  • I think he's referring to that tech that's going to change the world!!! Signed, Apple
  • When I messed with my friends 7 plus I didn't really like it. My style of iPhone is something like the se. To me the newer ones remind me of my Samsung's and lg phones too much. They are nice phones but don't think I'm liking these new styles. Will have to see them in person to know for sure
  • The beat thing about Android was the flexibility I'm. Battery about to die boom, pop in a new one. About to run out of storage, boom pop in a sd card. Removable batteries are all but dead in the Android world and if it were up to Google sd cards would be dead too. So you mean to tell me Apple had it right all this time?
  • And how many high end Android phones now have replaceable batteries? None of my android phones have replaceable batteries.
  • So basically Apple is putting out some really nice phones after everybody else put out some really nice phones and there are now more really nice phones in our world of really nice phones. Got it.
  • Great commentary Phil. I agree with most of your points. I'm a longtime Android user who recently changed over to an iPhone and I couldn't agree more that there are somethings that the iOS does better and somethings that Android does better. I do however believe that folks are setting themselves up for a let down with Project Treble. While I don't disagree that Google will make it easier for manufacturers to update their phones, the system still relies on manufacturers. Android phone manufacturers are inconsistent at best when it comes to updates especially security updates. Relying on the manufacturers to do the right thing and provide security updates will still mean not every phone is going to get the same fast update, which IMHO is still problematic. Google need to take over providing security updates from the manufacturers and do updates themselves in a similar fashion to how the update Google Play Services.
  • As there are a finite number of users, it actually is a zero sum game. From my POV (which, I'll admit, is rarely in step with the zeitgeist) Apple keeping so many legacy products active is the bigger deal than the iPhone X. 3 generations of phones plus the iPhone SE on the shelves means the price gamut is covered and most domestic consumers "settling" for Android as the cheaper option now have another option that is closer to what they actually want. Google needs to start finding and promoting what its differentiation is with Android (beyond a rainbow of unique devices that aren't the devices that people want.) I love Android b/c I can PC it up with it. Regular people have no interest in using their phone like a PC, so whatcha got Google?
  • googles got diversity an choices an a whole lot more price points for everyone's bank account ...apple not so much .oh and I happened to use a PC like most in the world an my Samsung works seamless with it . another point most of the people of the world us a android phone last count 85% . don't get me wrong its ok to like apple . But I don't drink there kool aid ether don't like the flavor. despite what some want you to think apple didn't reinvent the wheel yesterday far from it , most of the features I had on my galaxy s3
  • I agree with the broad price points, but there is very little money to be made in winning the under $300 market. The margins are too thin. Apple now has a phone in its actively sold lineup that costs $350. That is pretty big. The 6S is being sold for $450, mid-range prices for phone with better than mid-range everything (except the screen.) For the PC point, what I am saying is that b/c of the file system, extensibility and OTG, I can use my Android phone as a primary computing device. That isn't how people use their phones, though. That is the Android advantage, but it is not an advantage if no one cares about those features.
  • You have made some really great points about Apple's price conscious line up. I'll add that all of the phones Apple has in their line up (SE to X) should get at least 4 os updates (from their introduction date) and their low and midrange priced phones have the A-9 chip which will run circles around the Snapdragon 400 and 600 series chips which are in budget and mid-range Android phones.
  • haha you guys can fight over whos better ios are android . and ill keep enjoying what I think is the best phone of 2017 .....my note 8 and not give a rats ass what apple does that's my take
  • Great review/discussion. The only part i take issue with concerns cellular-connected watches. I have had one starting with the Omate TrueSmart kickstarter project and then have had the original Samsung Gear S, followed by the Gear S2 3g and now the Gear S3 LTE. To me, once you experience and appreciate the freedom to leave the phone home, I doubt you will go back. But I think I know why a lot of people don't yet see the value: they cannot imagine being without a phone, which is kind of sad. We are now over-connected, which means we are constantly exposed not only to the good aspects of the internet, but also the constant pingiing, especially the emotional vomitoriums that are today's dominant social networks. These services are of course designed to suck up as much of our time (the one commodity we cannot replace) as we will give and, over time, we become convinced that the messages conveyed actually are important. 95% are simply not. This addictive behavior reminds me of the first wave of blackberry devices. People started calling them Crackberry then for a good reason: it was the first time you could stay readily in touch with your business customers and colleagues 24/7. And people felt compelled to do so. Before then, when we left the office, someone could theoretically still call us, but most of them were also at home and wanted to relax. And if you got a call, you knew it was actually important. But all those emails could wait until tomorrow or later that night if we logged in from a PC at home. Crackberry let us clear the message pile before going to sleep. And anyone anywhere on the OCD spectrum (pretty much all of us) felt compelled to do it, and check, and check, and check. And others came to expect that their vendors would respond any time they were pinged because they no longer had the excuse of being out of touch. But those messages generally concerned our livelihoods. So, you could make a decent argument for why you had to interrupt family dinner to respond to an email Now, we have become convinced that the latest Snap, tweet or FB/Instagram post is somehow important. Even if it is not, the NEXT one would be important. What I love about leaving the phone home is that the digital noise level drops precipitously. I only have the watch notify me of text messages and work emails. I have it set to vibrate only, so I can know something is there, but don't feel compelled to look. And I can respond if I need to. I turn off all the other phone notifications because those can wait. I don't have to worry about leaving my phone somewhere. I don't feel compelled to photograph my food, parking space, The digital freedom I feel when I run, run errands, or work out with just my watch and Bragi Dash Pro earphones streaming Spotify or stored music is amazing. Being completely untethered from my PC, tablet AND phone feels wonderful. Standalone smartwatches, along with other wearables and hearables represent the next generation of digital progress by increasing personal freedom and reducing addictive behavior. That is how they should be marketed. Those who don't yet see the value should ask themselves if there is perhaps something else they are not considering
    You are the one who can't be without a connected device, to the point that you have a cellular watch for fecks sake.
    Look in the mirror.
  • While I get notifications from Messages, Email, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on my phone only the notifications from Messages are set to produce a sound. And even so I probably permit too many accounts on Twitter to send me mobile notifications and would be happier if I cut that down to just a couple of news outlets.
  • I think iPhone 8 and 8 plus should also have less bezel, not like the X but reduced. Anyway, I'm avoiding this glass back trend.
  • Well said, Thank You Cheers,
  • Nailed it. Excellent article. The iPhone X looks nothing like an iPhone next to the iPhone 8 or any iPhone and it's way too masculine, reminds me of a Moto Razr. Stupidest anniversary addition ever.
  • Had to laugh about post purchase help. That's a regional thing for sure. I can take any Samsung product I have here in Korea and go to the nearest Samsung service center to get it fixed on the spot with little to no wait. I don't see Apple beating that at all. It is so easy to get a Samsung or LG product fixed here in Korea. Way better than anything I experienced in the states. So yes, Samsung does it better in Korea than Apple hands down!!!
  • If they brought that to the US it would do at least as much or maybe even more for their business/reputation than many of their advancements in hardware have.
  • "Apple completely reinvented everything all over again for a second time once more": That's what every tech company promises every day. So bored of this...
  • Welcome home Phil.
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