YouTube Collection

Tired of missing out on that latest viral video because you're stuck offline, shackled deep in a dungeon, with nary a bit to bite? Jonesing for that latest Taylor Swift video but you've got not signal to sync up the singer? Well worry no more. Because with The YouTube Collection, you can take the entire freaking YouTube catalog with you in your choice of resolutions -- offline!

That's right. Get your Gangnam Style at 240p. Catch cats at 480p. For the more discerning crowd, hit up high-definition videos at 720p and full 1080p.

Youtube April FoolsSo, yeah. YouTube might be shutting down until 2023 (not really), but now you can take it with you, for the low, low price of putting up with yet another April Fools' Day post! (And what's more -- this one is from 2012, but Google's got it on the YouTube homepage again this year.)

Want every cooking lesson ever uploaded? They can be yours for just 34,410 discs and $131,656, plus $59,302 in shipping and handling. Shit people say? That'll be a mere 90,000 discs! Need gift-wrapping? No problem! That'll cost just 5 percent extra.

(Also available in video cassette, Laser Disc or Betamax. Additional delivery service charges apply. Shipping by freigh vessel also available.)

Here's how to order! (Thanks, Marcch!)

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To check out this latest Google April Fools post, go to and click on the logo in the top left. (See how it's got a DVD poking out of it? Subtle.) 

Or, just hit up

It's worth walking through the order process. Someone had some fun with this one.