Is Intel Preparing For Android Powered Netbooks?

It's starting to look like Android is a much more versatile OS than imagined. Case in point: Intel is supposedly preparing itself to supply manufacturers with chipsets that can support Android for their Android-powered netbooks. The netbook is a potentially huge market considering the current state of our economy and their bang for the buck pricing. The netbook market has typically been a Linux stomping ground but Android has popped up a few times already.

We're not exactly sure what the chipset for Android-powered netbooks would be or if any hardware needs to be changed, but we can surely expect more Android devices outside the smartphone realm--the Android OS is particularly attractive to netbook manufacturers because of its small overall footprint. it'll definitely be interesting to see how Android translates to different hardware and what that'll mean to developers developing apps for the platform.

Anyone interested in Android Netbooks?


Casey Chan