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How to install new games on your NES Classic

The NES Classic — you saw our first vid on it, right? — is a cool little piece of nostalgia. But it's sorely lacking in the games department. Or, rather, it REALLY needs a way to add games.

Fortunately the NES community has answered, and in a big way. And after a few rounds of tinkering we now have a super easy way to add games to the NES Classic.

I used the "hakchi2" method. You'll want to read through the instructions yourself, but here's the gist of how I did it, boiled down from a reddit post ... and another Reddit post. Full props to those folks!

You'll need at least Windows 7 to get this done.

OBLIGATORY WARNING: You're doing this at your own risk. If your teeth loosen and your eyes start to bleed, I didn't do it.

  1. Download hakchi2 and unzip: direct download link
  2. Browse to your saved ROMs, and decide what you want to install on the NES Classic. (I kept the original 30 games, too.)
  3. Find box art — either use your own, or just hit the handy Google button in the GUI to automagically search. (Nice touch!)
  4. Plug your NES Classic into your PC using the Micro-USB cable. Leave the console turned off. We're going to enter FEL mode.
  5. Hold down the reset button on the front. Then press (and release) the power button. After a few seconds, release the reset button. You won't actually see anything happen.
  6. You should now be able to hit the sync button in the hakchi2 program. (If you didn't get the FEL mode thing right, it'll tell you. I didn't do it right the first time and nothing blew up.)
  7. Reboot the NES Classic.
  8. Profit!

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  • Might give this a shot. Love the NES Mini but I'd love for it to have Battletoads and Street Gangs (River City Ransom in the US). If it could connect to wifi and allowed you to purchase the games online, I would have loved to do that, but alas.
  • I know, right! OTOH, it wouldn't cost $60 anymore. (Not that you can buy it anywhere anyway ...)
  • If you're really desperate for Battletoads you could always get it as part of the excellent and bargainous Rare Replay collection on the XBox One.
  • This. Is. Awesome.
  • I imagine this invalidates your warranty.
  • I didn't come with a warranty.
  • can I get paperboy, superspike v ball and blades of steel doing this?
  • I'm pretty sure most people can afford the $60 to buy another one if they brick it.
  • Thanks! Wife bought me one and I was bummed that it didn't have a bunch of games that I really loved. I'll try this out tonight. :)
  • Probably worth mentioning the sketchy legality of this in regards to ROMs in general. Don't get me wrong, I use ROMs all the time, but I'm fully aware it's piracy.
  • The law isn't clear cut on this (at least in the UK and US) but generally speaking if you own a physical copy of the game, downloading and using a ROM probably won't land you in chokey. Not owning it (even if it's no longer available to purchase as most older video games are not) and downloading and using said ROM is illegal. Probably. Either way I'm surprised that Mobile Networks is advocating this, flimsy disclaimers notwithstanding.
  • Why Dio you need a law to tell you that taking some thing you didn't pay for, which is still sold, is wrong....
  • Not piracy or illegal in any way if you own cartridge or some other license for the media. Now I doubt that most people have the original cart for every rom they have ever played, but for the sake of clarity these things need to be said. Also related: The emulators themselves on any platform are not in any way illegal. Just like a DVD player is not illegal just because it played a pirated movie one time. An emulator is a tool to display content. Nothing more.
  • Agreed and well said - I should have clarified this, but I think my point remains - It's a bit irresponsible of Phil and Mobile Nations not to make any reference to the legal situation around ROMs when putting out an article that could be seen to be encouraging ROM use.
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  • Morality police is in the building.
  • Violating the terms of service is the same thing as breaking the law... Also, if you have a copy of the cartridge, that acts as your license for the game and you can do whatever you want with them rom (whether it came specifically off the cart or some website is irrelevant). Emulators themselves are in no way illegal just like a DVD player is not illegal even if you play pirated DVDs in them.
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  • How much memory does the mini nes have available to store extra games?
  • What a whiney comments section. Thanks for the tips Phil. It's always nice to see you here.
  • I'd like to get the NES Classic. Hopefully it'll be readily available in store eventually.
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  • So what kind of memory does this thing have? i.e. how many games can you load?
  • Phil, what wireless controller are you using? Is it worth getting?
  • So if I have my old cartridges of games I want to play (Tecmo Super Bowl is the main one I want on there) how do I go about getting that on my computer to then upload it to the NES?